The Joy Of Djembe Drumming (a.k.a. JODD), Imani Vida Community Drum Circle and Houston Belly Dancers Association will be hosting an evening of enjoyment under the stars. We are having a Full Moon Drum Circle and Picnic closer to home this year. So come and join us in the festivities at Bear Creek Pioneers Park for a day of cooking & playing and an evening of community, drumming and dancing. Included is the backdrop of natures wooded landscape, the celestial night sky and a roaring pit fire.

It promises to be an enchanting and hypnotic journey. So come on out and be part of this fun experience.

Bring your drum, shakers, bells, claves, tambourines thumb cymbals, whistles and crank out some rhythms with us. You dancers be sure to dress up in your fancy costumes and bring your bells, zils, and twirling lights. We are looking for all of you to join us and crank out some groovin' rhythms and dance the night away. Or you can just kick back with your picnic basket and relax, letting the rhythms carry you away. This is a family friendly event so by all means feel free to bring your kids and friendly pets. We ask that you please refrain from the use profanity and alcohol consumption. The location has plenty of handicap accessible restrooms, picnic tables and grills but please be sure to bring your lawn chair or stool and water or Gatorade!! We will be located at Globow Drive and Liere Lane inside the park. Please view the map for the exact location. (Click here to see map park grounds layout) ( Parking is available all around the park and a large parking lot is located directly behind our drumming location. Just take a walk down the path between the trees right to the sound of the drums. Drumming will commence at 5:30PM.

See you there!
Jah Love,
JODD (Gregg Powell)

P.S. -Everyone please bring one large trash bag with you. In helping to preserve the beauty of our parks and concern for the environment. I am asking whatever you bring into the park with you, you carry out. -Thanks