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Native American Healing Drumming Circle Ceremony

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Native American Healing Drumming Circle Ceremony with Grandfather Rick McBride

Saturday, February 23rd

1:00pm to 3:00pm


We will play Native American-style hand drums and rattles as we pray and sing for global peace and personal healing by drumming up the Spirits of the Land.

Great personal healing occurs as the vibrations call the Spirits and wake up our hearts.

When we drum, we sometimes say it’s the heart beat of the Earth, the Mother of Creation. And so it makes sense for us to go to Her for healing.


Grandfather Rick starts by smudging, and singing the Protection Song; he then calls the Four Directions, which puts us in ceremony, thereby allowing him to sing the sacred songs in their original language (no songs are sung in English).

Grandfather Rick is a mixed blood Tsalagi (Cherokee) who has been a life-long student of American Indian Lifeways, actively following the Red Road, and participating in Native American ceremony for some 30 years.

He was formally taught advanced principles of the Medicine Wheel by Cheyenne Elder Hyemeyohsts Storm in 1994.

He is a sundancer, traditionally trained and authorized to lead Native American Ceremony including Inipi (sweat lodge), Pipe Ceremony, and Drum Healing.

Grandfather Rick’s place is that of "translator" of the Native American Lifeways to help anybody sincerely interested in learning how to become a better human being, his hope being to help achieve a proper balance in human race consciousness.

His Spirit name is Cante Lute in the Lakota language, meaning Red Heart; this name was passed in ceremony at Sundance.

For further information, visit his website: (


You will also have the opportunity to stand in the middle of the circle and receive a very powerful individual drum healing from Grandfather Rick. You will feel the healing energy coming from his drum as he stands in front of you and drums close to you. While the body is never physically touched, it is touched by the physical vibration, mental intention, and by the spiritual energy that are channeled through it.

Drum healing has little to do with the person handling the drum: it is the Spirits, it is the Earth Mother, it is Creator that passes that healing energy along to the recipient; that steady backbeat of everybody drumming in unison helps do that.


Please feel free to join us if you do not have your own drum or rattle; there will be drums and rattles to share and learn on.

Children are welcome to attend (accompanied by a parent).

This event is held indoors and thus not dependent on the weather. It is traditional for women to wear skirts or dresses to Native American ceremony but not required. Please arrive promptly; it is very important for everyone to be present at the opening of the Ceremony. Hispanohablantes siempre estan bienvenidos. Por favor no deje de atender por el tema del idioma. Habran personas atendiendo que hablan ambos Ingles y Espanol.


The reason that we say 'donations accepted' rather than charging is because Grandfather Rick honors the traditional Native American ways and never charges for Ceremony.


Pearl Rauberts, [masked]