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Do you like drinking? Do like beer and wine? Do, or might you, like Shakespeare? Some are born drunk, some achieve drunkenness, and some have drunkenness thrust upon 'em - It is Drunk-Speare. We are going to put the Ham back in Hamlet. We will get together, drink, and read a shakespeare play. The parts will be passed around to the people there, everyone will play along. Over-acting is encouraged. Bonus points for playing up the dick and fart jokes (hint - there are plenty of these in Shakespeare...). Come by for 2-3 hours of drinking, and hopefully get through a new Shakespeare play each meeting.

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The Russian Edition - Uncle Vanya

Flying Pig Bistro

The Classical Edition - Lysistrata

Flying Pig Bistro

The End -- Two Noble Kinsmen

Flying Pig Bistro

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