Bristol User Testing & Social Night #12


We all need feedback in order to make our products & services great, but it can sometimes be tough to get fast feedback.

This meetup is designed to help everyone get some rapid user testing done, whilst doing a good bit of socialising & drinking!

This is for all those making cool stuff or interested in the startup scene - you don’t have to turn up with anything in particular, feel free to turn up to socialize and learn more about product testing or to network. The one request is that you are open to user testing anything put in front of you!

Bring along your:

- Wire frames / designs
- MVPs
- Prototypes (hardware & software)
- User research questionnaires

I’ll collate some info before the gig with regards to demographics.

And if you’re keen to test something but not sure how to get the most out of it, reach out to me! I’d be happy to help set it up right.

If you have a specific target audience for your product in mind. Please private message me and I will try to match you with your correct audience.