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On Tuesday, December 13, we'll meet for another Dinner with Drupal. Between 17:30 and 19:30 a number of presentations will be given, after which we will have dinner and drinks in town. There are open spots for those who will want to demonstrate interesting new technologies or services, or who will want to pitch ideas. Please contact us, so we can put you in the schedule.

We'll meet at Druid's office in downtown Amsterdam, which can easily be reached by bike, car, bus, or train. Refreshments and snacks will be available.

We welcome everybody who uses Drupal, or everybody who wants to start using it. You don't have to be a guru to attend. There will be developers, designers, businesspeople, novices and hardcore users. All content will be in English, but our attendees speak many other languages as well.


Joris Vercammen: Search API ecosystem in Drupal 8

In this session I'll give you an overview what changed so far in Drupal 8 in regards to the Search eco-system. We will talk about Search API, Apache Solr, Facet API and other related modules.

Over the course of the last years I've been heavily involved in how Search in Drupal 8 should take form and what needed to change to use the new API's and best practices in the revised Search API module. In this presentation I hope to give you some guidance what is still pending and what already was done. I will also try to explain what effort it takes to push and move such projects.

It'll be useful for attendees to know / have used the Search API or Apachesolr modules in drupal 7, no prior knowledge of the modules in Drupal 8 is needed.

Bart Jeukendrup: GraphQL, React.js & legacy code

A story about bad code, scalability issues and how we try to solve it.

Want to speak at the February edition?

Contact us if you want to present yourself at the next edition in February, or demo a cool new technology. Dinner with Drupal is the perfect place to try out a new presentation!