February Drupal Meetup

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Welcome back to the Singapore Drupal Meetup. Sorry we haven't organized anything in the last couple of months as everyone was busy with work, holidays and life in general.

Session 1: Presented by Joe Chin

Our first presentation after Chinese New Year will be an introduction to automated testing in Drupal 8 using the Behat framework. In this hour long session, some of the topics covered will include:

- Why automated testing is necessary
- Where Behat fit amongst the many testing tools available for Drupal
- The principles behind Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
- Gherkin, the language used to write Behat tests
- Writing tests using the DrupalExtension project
- Executing Behat tests

This is a beginner level talk suitable for all users interested in developing quality Drupal websites.

Session 2: Presented by Pavlos Daniel

Our second session for the evening will be Config Entities in Drupal 8.
- What are config entities.
- Differences between config entities and content entities.
- We'll explore a small sample module that helps group paragraphs to make to provide a small UX improvement when adding content when we have an extensive list of paragraphs.