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Drupal + Startups = AWESOME!

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Are you looking to build the next BIG web-based startup?

The bad news: 90% of startups fail.

The good news: Lean Startup methodology ( can help you to systematically find success (or fail faster and cheaper).

At this session we’ll discuss why most startups fail, how to do it better with Lean Startup and, of course, why Drupal is an ideal platform for building a web-based startup application.

(FYI, I'm going to give this same presentation at Drupal Camp Fox Valley ( on October 5th. So, I'd really appreciate your feedback, criticism and comments on it in order to sharpen my presentation giving skillz! ;-))

The best food at a Meetup!

As always, Steve will bring some amazing home cookin'! We might not be the biggest Meetup, but we have the best food!

Bring your problems & successes:

Are you working on a Drupal site and hit a problem? Bring it to the meetup and we'll try to help you solve it!

Did you just create something awesome with Drupal? Or learn something cool? Show it off during a 5 minute lightning talk.