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Drupal Camp Japan 2nd

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Price: ¥1,000 /per person
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This Camp's theme "Drupal & community is fun! "

They have been saying "When will the next Drupal Camp Japan be held?" among the Japanese Drupal fans for a long time since the last Drupal Camp.
It will be held on January 14, 2017 (Sat)!

There are only a few meet-ups in Japan when the last Drupal Camp had held in two years ago (2014).
Now, we have a lot of meet-ups in Japan!

However, there still are only a few opportunities for Drupalers gathered from all over the country.
People can have face-to-face conversation with the members who answered questions online.

People who usually develop Drupal alone may possibly meet someone who is using Drupal in a familiar event...!

Actually there were lots of great new meetings in DrupalCampJapan last time. Let's find a new Drupal friend in this event!

Session list
A lot of Drupalers gathered from not only Japan but all over the world as a result of recruiting in CFP!

We have two Keynote lectures; Mr. Hiramoto of the Cabinet Secretariat building the government CIO portal and Amitai of the OG (Oganic Group) creator who has the speaker experience of Drupalcon also join us from Israel!

In addition, community members active in the Drupal industry gathered. We are sure you will enjoy them!

// Keynote speech // (scheduled to start from 11: 00)

[Business Keynote]
●Efforts of WEB reform in government and Government CIO portal
- Kenji Hiramoto (Senior Assistant to Government CIO / Assistant to CIO, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

[Developer Keynote]
●How we develop Organic Groups 8 after 2 years with Elm
- Amitai Burstein ( (OG - https://www.Drupal.Org/project/og )

// Session // (TBD)

●Drupal and Agile development - Yoshiyuki Ueda

●Communications thinks API First project construction and Drupal - Katoh Yasuhide (NTT Communications)

●Performance tuning by utilizing user level cache at large site - Yoshikazu Aoyama (

●An attempt to automatically generate Drupal Contents Type, Entity Type from Swagger Open API Spec (JSON Schema) - Kyotaro Kon (

●Drupal's core, how to make a contribution to a module - Hayato Goto

●Composer for Drupal - Luc Bezier ( (From Cebu)

● Services and dependency injection in Drupal 8 - Jay Friendly (

●Building E-Commerce Content Marketing Site for Fashion Industrie - 吳政斌(Chris Wu) ( 台湾 Taiwan)

●Offline drupal with progressive web apps - Theodore BIADALA ( (From France)

● Drupal headless fuelled by Ember - Pedro Cambra ( (Devel Module Committer) And more .....

The participation fee includes the following novelty...

● 1, Bento(lunck box)

● 2, Tenugui

TENUGUI (pronounced, tee-nu-gu-I) is a Japanese ornamental hand towel made of 100 cotton.

●3, Kintaro ame

cylindrical candy made so that Kintaro's face appears wherever it is sliced

●4, Nerikiri (Drupalicon Japanese Artistic Cake / first come, only 60)

Nerikiri is originally made to be served in the Japanese tea ceremony. We made original Drupal's Nerikiri for this event. You'll see!

●5, Drupal Japan community original Sticker

and a nice time with the community members...

What is Drupal ...?

Drupal (Druopal) is an open source CMS / Web application framework boasting worldwide market share.

In overseas projects such as the White House and the Australian Government, including large scale cases, and universities such as Stanford and MIT also boast an overwhelming share,
Since 2001, when the Drupal project has been officially launched, users and developers have been actively engaged on a daily basis all over the world.

It has been 16 years since the Drupal is officially started.

Whole Drupal core and modules are developed by community members all over the world.
Someone uses a module that someone made, patch it, translate it, make local members available ...
With support from such community members, Drupal is established.

Today, more than 1,100 user communities around the world and more than 1 million accounts are registered in In Japan, we are active in all over the country in the community called gdo / japan.

You can check most Meetup informations held in various places in the following site.
After participating in DrupalCamp, please try participating in the other meetup held by the community of each area.

There are online communities on Facebook and slack, so please check here as well!

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