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Duarte Self Defense Fitness Meet Up
First, we warm up as fighters do as our group goes through a brief, eye opening discussion about how to either, design a tough home to break into or what to do if criminals still want to break in. This part does include homework (literally). We then, may go through a fighter's conditioning session indoors or outdoors. We may also partner up for more results and there you have it. Believe it or not, it is more fun than your average workout. The fight for freedom begins within. Join our community. See you Saturday morning at Royal Oaks Extension Park in Duarte!

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Train with an accomplished professional martial artist, self defense instructor, functional fitness consultant and dog trainer instructor with over 25 years experience. Those looking to get stronger, improve their reflection, feel better, fit their clothes better and create a more efficient body through developing or fine tuning their self defense, family defense and home defense skills should join this group and attend our adventures. All levels of training, from beginners to intermediates will definitely get a seriously challenging training session while the advanced will get nice refresher lessons as well as opportunities to shake off the "ring rust". We may be indoors at Anytime Fitness in Duarte, by usually outdoors on the Royal Oaks Trail.

There's an old saying, "When seconds count, law enforcement is just minutes away".
In this monthly meetup, understand the laws that may empower you or limit you in adult self defense situations. Learn to be the self sufficient defender that doesn't really need to rely on the Law Enforcement Corporations to fly in and save them. There will be light contact, but NO sparring in this beginner's to intermediate group.

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