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Calling all ADDer's!

We all know how our lives are governed by the constant unpredictability of our own behaviour, that is just not in our damn control!

We can either be totally inattentive at times and super-focused at others... We either act, react, even over-react out of impulses or not take any action at all... At times, we are hyperactive without any reason or totally inactive even when we have a reason! And oh my... that loop of anxiety and depression that follows; due to our superior work performance, exceptional time-management skills, remarkable self-esteem and our vast social circle ;P

The Idea is to have an empathetic circle of gifted companions, where we can share our life experiences, our innate coping mechanisms and move forward productively in our lives. Also, have fun without being judged for our super-natural capabilities :)

Any adult, who classifies himself from an Inattentive, Impulsive or hyperactive subtype is most welcome to join!

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