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Evening Game in Gloria Hotel
Dear Game Owners Please write in the conversation section about the games you want to run, starting time, available spots, duration, category and genre, mechanic, difficulty level and post an introduction link for the gamers who are not familiar with it. Gamers kindly response to the gamers comments if you are interested to participate and please attend the game on time to avoid any delay. For Event Rules and Regulation ( please click here. For the History of the Group ( please click here. Please remind the waitress about 15% discount of food and drink if you spend at least 50AED. The venue is Gloria Hotel, 40th Floor, Sky Lounge Free Parking in P2 - P3 levels; if asked, let them know you're coming for boardgames in Sky Lounge. For those Valet Park, don't forget to get it stamped by Sky Lounge before leaving.

Gloria Hotel in Internet City

Sheikh Zayed Road - Internet City Metro Station - Gloria Hotel - Dubai - United Arab Emirates · Dubai

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Once upon a time, not far from here, there was a small mining village. Every morning with the sun rise, the villagers left their homes, walking to the mine where they worked until sunset. They returned home in the twilight feeding themselves from the fruits and vegetables they gathered on their way. Their bellies full and their limbs pleasantly tired from the day’s work, they rested outside their homes, gazed at a sky full of stars, and allowed their minds to wander. They watched all those pale distant lights, twinkling and static, much like their own lives, and wondered if something, anything, were ever to break from the routine. Just over the horizon, one bright star moved- its flash so sudden that almost no one noticed. But soon, another star moved across the sky, then another, and another, and within minutes, the sky seemed almost to be made of these bright stars leaping and jumping with their joy. A villager, amazed by this sky that was now so full of life, raised a hand and began following the stars’ paths with her finger. Her brother, throwing small stones, imitated the movement of the stars, counting as he went. All around them, their friends and neighbors had come together, some singing or dancing, some, in their wonder, unable to do anything but stare.

As darkness fell the next day, the villagers hurried home anticipating the brightness they would see in the sky. They waited hour after hour, but the stars remained stubbornly in place, their cold light barely a fraction of what they had witnessed the night before.

The next evening, remembering her brother’s imitation of the night sky, the girl took four rocks from the ground and marked four corners in the sand. She picked the best of their polished stones from the mine, handed them to her brother and neighbors, and they began to play. They called their game Tulla Impulla- meaning Four Stones.

Ages have passed since then. We created history, religion, science, philosophy, art and technology and were created by them. We shaped our environment and were shaped by it. Metropolises were raised, spaceships were launched and today we know Tulla Impulla as Twilight Imperium 3.

Beyond the games that many of us grew up with in our homes, a community of independent designers and publishers has been steadily producing innovative, exciting and beautiful games offering experiences as unique as they are diverse.

Some games ask us to work together, like in Pandemic, casting a team of players in highly specialized roles to rid the planet of diseases with apocalyptic consequences. Some require that we compete head to head in the murky and equally dangerous times of the Cold War- struggling for influence over the planet- as in Twilight Struggle. In others, like in The Settlers of Catan, players are tasked with colonizing an island, building settlements, laying down roads and trading goods to build the most powerful faction.

You may not realize it, but we are living in a board game renaissance. There is a game for everyone and, like that brother and sister in the small mining village, we hope that you will decide to play.

There is a game for everyone.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

1. Do I need to RSVP?

Yes, please do! It helps everyone manage their time and is a courtesy to the Sky Lounge who puts up with our antics twice weekly.

2. How about games? Do I need to bring my own?

You certainly don’t need to, but you are more than welcome to! We have a collection of games that have been donated by members of the group that are open for all to play. It’s common for those of us with our own collections to bring something to play. Please be respectful of everyone’s property- see the etiquette section below for some tips ☺ If you have specific requests for any of your own games (i.e. no drinks on the table, etc.) please make that known to those playing the game.

3. Are food and drink available for purchase or will I starve?

No worries, we won’t make you take begging tokens. Food and drinks are available for purchase in the Sky Lounge. In fact, we get a 15% discount on all orders over 50 AED. Out of respect for the Sky Lounge, we would ask that you don’t bring in any outside food or beverage.

4. I’m completely new to board games. Will I enjoy this group?

We certainly hope so! Listen, we have all been there. We know that starting a new hobby can be a little intimidating. We’ll do our best to make you feel welcome. If it’s your first visit, please do let us know when you arrive. We’ll try to notice, but sometimes are just so embroiled in a game that we don’t realize when a new gamer arrives. We apologize in advance ☺

Also, committed members of our group run newbie friendly games at the below times. If you are very new to games, please feel free to join one of these sessions. We just ask that you show up on time.

Tuesday: 6:30PM and 9:00PM

Saturday 2:30PM and 5:00PM

5. I’m an experienced gamer. Will I like this group?

Why yes, we think so. Our group is a mix of people who enjoy everything from a few hours of a good worker placement to all day long marathon gaming fiascos. Seriously- we play pretty much everything. We come from all different backgrounds and enjoy a variety of hobbies both gaming related and not. No matter your gaming preferences, we believe you will have fun.

6. This game I’m playing is really cool! Can I take pictures?

We’re glad you are enjoying it! Please ask your fellow gamers before taking any pictures and respect their requests. Please don’t post these on any media platform without permission from the event organizer. Also, if you don’t want to be photographed, just say so. We understand.

7. Do I need to use my real name/picture on meetup?

Yes, you do. While we enjoy social deduction games, they aren’t that great in real life. Also, please do answer the questions mentioned in your request to join the group. It will help us get to know you.

8. I’ve never been to a board game meet up before. Is there any etiquette I should be aware of?

We’re glad you asked! Here are a few things to ensure that everyone has a good time.

* Respect other member’s games and the communal collection

* Refrain from eating while play. It’s tempting, we know, but best avoided

* Be very careful with beverages and ask the game owner if it’s OK before keeping any beverage on the table

* Use caution when shuffling cards. A bent or marked card could ruin someone’s game. Trust us- it’s happened before

* Try not to drop components, and if you do, pick them up immediately

* General behaviour

* Do not leave before the game you are playing finishes. This often ruins the entire game for the other players. If there is a true emergency, people will understand, but no one wants their time wasted.

* This should go without saying, but don’t cheat. If you are someone who enjoys unauthorized sleight of hand, this group isn’t for you.

* We know board games are exciting, but try to stick to inside voices. Shouting is generally unpleasant for everyone.

* Don’t let competition get the best of you. We’re all here to have fun and as any gamer will tell you, you aren’t going to win every game. Good sportsman ship goes a long way.

* This one is obvious, but there is zero tolerance for harassment of any kind

9. I’ve got a question you didn’t answer…

No problem! Just contact the event organizer and we’ll get you squared away.

Both newbies and experienced players are welcome. Even people who are new to the hobby are encouraged to sign up.

You can find more information on the games above and on board gaming in general at (

To know about the History of this group check the Dubai Board Gamers History (


Dear Gamers

We don’t have many rules at Dubai Board Gamers, to avoid too much complications. We all gather in our sessions for fun, but there are few rules and regulations which are very important to be followed by all members to make our events smooth and joyful.

1. RSVP: Make sure you RSVP to any event you plan on attending. This is very essential, because spaces are limited and we would like to keep our events happy. Please do not attend without RSVP. Event Organizers have been instructed to ask people to leave if they are attending without RSVP.

2. Board Games and Components: There is a collection of games available in each event which are brought by some of the group members voluntarily. You are allowed to borrow these games and play with them subjected to the game owner permission. The name of the game owner is written on or inside the box, or you can just ask for the owner. Games could be borrowed but games components must be dealt carefully. Any damage to the game components or losing the game parts is not acceptable. The defected game must be replaced by the borrower and she is responsible for it. At the end of the game the borrower must count all the parts and make sure nothing is missing. Put the game back on the game pile and inform the game owner about it.

3. Eating and Drinking: Keeping food and drink on the game table is completely forbidden. Do not keep your drink on the table, you can put them on side tables if there is any. Do not eat during the course of the game. Your hand will transfer grease or oil to the game component. Please order food between the two different games or during the break if the game is long. Please touch the game components with clean hands.

4. Food and Drinks: Consumption of food and drink purchased outside of the venue (Sky Lounge- Gloria Hotel) is completely forbidden. Please do not bring any food or drink from outside, even water. This is the venue regulation and must be followed by all members. Sky Lounge has provided the venue in return to make some money from us by buying some foods or drinks. All gamers are encouraged to spend some money on food and/or drinks.

5. Noise Level: Practice the game in a way to not disturb other members. Do not shout and keep the noise low. Let’s everybody enjoy the environment.

6. Photography: Photography from other members is prohibited. Only authorized person can capture photo to publish in website and that is subjected to the members permission. Members have the right to ask the authorized photographer to not take any photo of them.

7. Discretion: This should be fairly obvious but needs to be mentioned. Members who are found harassing others will be banned from the group. We understand that many members engage in light hearted ‘trash talk’ but please be aware not everyone has the same tolerance and misunderstandings can occur. If you are asked to stop then stop. If any member feels that they are being harassed please take the matter to Event Organizer immediately, she will take the required action.

8. Profile Appearance: All members must use their real names and photos in their group profiles. Organizers and committee members need to know the real identity of each member. Also members are interested to recognize others whom they have communicated with, prior to each gaming sessions. Therefor all members need to use their real names and photos in their profiles. Members having profile without genuine photo and/or name will be deleted from the group. There are some questions mentioned in each profile. Answering to those questions is mandatory. Those questions will help organizers and other gamers to understand the level and interest of the other members. This fact will make the games to be held with the right gamers and also will help the organizers or the experienced gamers to serve the newcomers in better and more proper way.

9. Event Management: In case of having query, need help or guidance, Event Organizer is available to help you. In case of any dispute, Event Organizer has the final word and authorization to take any required action.

10. Having Fun: We all are here to enjoy our time. We are here to play games, socialize and share happiness. So HAVE FUN, HAVE FUN and HAVE FUN.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Very Important Note


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