What we're about

Meet book lover folks in a local Meet-up Café somewhere in Dubai.

Dubai Book Café is a Meet-up group for Book lovers in the city of Dubai. We try to meet and read, review, summarize and share our thoughts about books. Here is a summary of the meet-up group:

Meet book lover folks in a local Meet-up Café somewhere in Dubai.

Fiction or non-fiction,
Paperback or hardcover,
Owned or borrowed,
Young or old,
Let’s meet, enjoy and share our stories and increase our knowledge.

How does Dubai Book Café work?
Dubai Book Café is open to all individuals.
We accept all folks no matter of gender, age, nationality and/or language as long as we can build a group.
We may meet during weekdays or weekends at a time that will convenience all of us.
We need to see your picture in your profile while joining; we want to see who you are and get to know you so it will easy to know you when we meet up.
No membership fee.

How is the Dubai Book Café different from other book clubs?

1. We buy all used books: 10 AED

2. We sell all used books: 10 AED

3. You may borrow books from Dubai Book Café to read: 15AED.

4. When the book is back to Dubai Book Café, the amount of 5AED will be refunded back to you.

5. All PDF books are free to use.

6. Members may swap books between each other. Kindly prepare a list of books that you would like to lend, swap or give away.

7. Your remarks, summaries and/or reviews about discussed books or issues in our club are highly accepted and appreciated.

Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have.

Find your book, rent, receive, read, review and return.

You may check with our book café if the book you wish to read is available and in case of availability, you may rent and read your desired book and once it is done, you can return it back.

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