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The Dubai Coaching Forum will be a meetup where you can discuss any issue that you may be facing and get solutions for them by way of presentations, group interactions, inspiring stories, new tools and techniques to master skills and limiting behavior, one-on-one coaching sessions and more.

This is a community driven group for all those who are interested in any of the following areas and an opportunity to meet together, share experiences, offer and receive help as well as form a support group

1. Career Coaching:- How to get a new job, how to create a perfect CV, how to succeed at job interviews, how to use LinkedIn to further your career and much more.
2. Personal Branding:- How to create your unique and powerful personal branding, how to use social media to build an online reputation, how to project yourself as a specialist and industry expert and more.
3. Life Coaching:- How to avoid self sabotage, how to get over depression and under confidence, how to manage time and be more productive, how to handle relationships better, how to achieve more balance in your work-life and more
4. Business coaching:- How small business owners can learn to setup their businesses more efficiently, how to market their small business, how to hire and manage people, how to optimize operating expenses and more.

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