Dubai Data Science Meetup in Careem, September 2019

Location image of event venue


Open Data Science in collaboration Careem is running the next Dubai Data Science Meetup in the HQ of Careem on the 14th of September.

As usual, the event is FREE for all visitors, our goal is to share knowledge and build community.

We are looking for speakers if you want to talk about DS/ML/AI, or you want to nominate someone - please feel free to message to [masked]

- 10:00 Registration starts

- 11:00 TBA by Careem

- 12:00 "Data visualization and Storytelling Workshop #DATAVIZ" by Dr Jose Berengueres (

Why are Hans Rosling’s charts so good? Why Excel charts are not? Why SpaceX uses pie charts and Blue Origin uses bars?
Based on his new book Data Visualization, in this interactive workshop (bring your pen & paper), you will learn the secrets of GREAT data visualization and storytelling. paperback prize for the most witty review on amazon ==> . You can download a free pdf for ODS members only here:

- 12:40 "A guided tour of a decade of data visualization conferences" by Pavankumar Gurazada (

If you prefer your history a little sassy, this talk is for you. Join us as we take you along a quick, opinionated tour of prominent papers that have been presented in the last decade in - IEEE Information Visualization Conference (InfoVis), IEEE Visualization (Vis), Eurographics/IEEE Symposium on Visualization (VisSym/EuroVis) and ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI). Wanderers welcome (especially if you want to get a birds eye view of what the world of data viz has been up to beyond t-SNE).

- 13:20 Lunch

- 14:20 "Decision Modelling & Optimisation for Credit Card Limit Management" by Yuri Chekalin (

Applying Decision Modelling and Optimisation to developing credit line strategies can drive up profits dramatically. Advanced Optimisation methodology combines comprehensive decision models with simulation and optimisation tools to map the mathematical relationships between credit line decisions, customer behaviour and profitability. The result is the optimal action for each individual that meets the multiple business goals of each portfolio.

- 15:20 EMPTY SLOT

- 16:00 Networking