What we're about

Entrepreneurship is at times a lonely journey, here we will join hands and help each other grow together.

This group is aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs where we will meet and brainstorm together various ideas and methods to take your idea and or startup to the next level.

We will cover and answer to questions pertaining to:

Infinite Growth Startup Coaching Topics:

1: What's a startup and who is an entrepreneur.

2: How to find startup ideas and the key questions you should ask.

3: Conducting your market research ( Feasibility study )

4: Talking to users

5: Why and how to validate your idea.

6: Building your MVP ( MLP )

7: Understanding your business model

8: How to build a converting website

9: How to value your startup

10: Getting your first 100 customers

11: A little hack to start getting customers even before you have launched!

12: Your growth funnel and where to focus at each stage of your startup

13: How funding works and various ways of raising money

14: Hiring the right people for your startup

15: Which roles should you hire to build your team

16: Finding your buyer persona and why is it important

17: Defining your organic marketing strategy

18: Key metrics to measure your startup success & analytics

19: How to set and measure your startup and team goals ( OKRs )

20: The startup lifecycle

21: How to manage your time as a founder

22: When to scale your company

23: Your exit strategy

24: How to learn from your competitors

25: Books that will contain key lessons

26: Success habits

27: FAQ

28: Building your product deck

29: Key tools for your startup

30: Your Startup checklist to keep track of all the time

31: Your product market fit plan

32: How much equity should i give to my team

33: Your growth machine, testing, measuring, pivoting

34: And more!

Who should join this group:

Anyone who is looking to embark on the entrepreneurial journey with a passion to change the world!

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