What we're about

In July 2018 during a brainstorming coffee session team RiseAssist went through a very interesting research report illustrating alarming numbers (among other data and findings, it was mentioned that roughly 98% of the employable population in Dubai is currently either passing through a job search period or is looking for career/company change).

It literally meant that almost every person in Dubai was looking for a job or a new career opportunity.

As always we decided to take the ownership of this community problem and try to help as many people as possible with whatever resources that we currently have in hand.

We all agreed to carry the responsibility as we won our Excellence Award for Best Women Unemployment solutions in 2018 by UAE Business Awards, and, therefore, have to keep going on the same pace:)

Team RiseAssist decided to launch “the first aid” platforms:

1. Closed support & masterminding community (you can also join our closed FB group- Dubai Job Seekers Support Community!)
2. Weekly 30 min Inspiration Masterclass with Career Goal Achievers & Successors (shared in the same FB group and on RiseAssist Youtube Channel)
3. Live Bootcamp Events for JobSeekers helping them to get ready to career changes, stand out from the competition and boost their confidence.
The first event -House of PA Career Rise Bootcamp was scheduled to run on 19 July, 2018
4. Weekly LIVE group coaching calls in the same support group with open Q&A sessions, during which members can get help, answers, guidance and expert support.
5. Sharing vacancies “as seen online” in the same closed group to spread the word and help others
6. Launch a self-paced online workshop “How to get a Job in Dubai” to help those people, who can`t attend live events and need urgent aid for their situation.
7. Start preparing the career book “How to Find Job in Dubai, and never look for one again” to help even more job seekers through various guidance formats.
8. Meetup group where online and live events will be announced!

We have interviewed 5 role models and goal achievers during the 1st week of the initiative, and we are now looking for more!

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