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Life is to celebrate. Every day, every hour and every second of our lives are gifted to us by the creator. Being happy is our birth right. Being unhappy is our choice. What is your choice? If your choice is not being happy all your life, if you are unhappy, it is time to look at your choices and may be change it! We, at Meditations and Celebrations, attempt to help you change your choices of unhappiness into that of happiness. We believe that all of us should be happy. Perpetually happy. Be happy without a reason. Once we are happy, we start to love ourselves. We resonate love. We love without inhibitions. We become love. The journey is not easy. It is not impossible either. We need to work on ourselves relentlessly. We work towards making this journey as enjoyable as possible. At Meditations and Celebrations, we offer various meditation techniques, meditation classes, one to one sessions, events, Satsangs with well-known masters and organize spiritual gatherings. Spirituality is not a serious matter. It is a way of creating awareness to be in the NOW always rather than getting lost in the regrets of the past or the tensions of the future. Spirituality take us to a state where we become a witness of our own life and start enjoying our experiences: whether they are pleasant or not. We shred our ego and accept situations with more grit and happiness. Come, celebrate life with us! Watch our page for all the activities in the future. Let us celebrate life!

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Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing Meditation

Illuminations Well-Being Center, JLT, Cluster "T", (Next to Dubai Marina metro Station)

Paid Event

Facilitated By: Prem Amit


Dates and Timings:

September 12th | 7:30pm-8:30pm

Investment: AED 120/ (+ 5 %VAT) (Limited for 6 people)

Venue: Onsite, illuminations JLT

For more information please email us at [masked] OR call[masked] OR WhatsApp on [masked].

For Registration visit: https://illuminations.ae/event/onsite-balancing-throat-chakra-saturday-sound-healing-12sept/edate/2020-09-12

Looking forward to seeing you!!


The THROAT chakra is about expressing your true yourself, it is communicating your purpose in life. Remember the Sacral chakra, the energy center of emotion, expression and creativity? The Throat chakra is fueled by the energy of the sacral chakra, and they are connected through expressing yourself beyond your desires and into the world! Can you hear me now? It is also your connection to communicating with spirit, your higher self, the Divine, God, angels and guides, other beings…so it’s wise to keep this chakra unblocked and flowing with energy.

Some signs of an out of balance throat chakra includes doing a lot more talking than listening, allowing others to speak for you (when it’s not in alignment to you), have a fear of speaking in front of people, talk or lie excessively, or can’t keep secrets, or are not connecting with your life’s purpose.

So come and relax to the powerful vibrations of Gongs and other sound healing instruments (coincidently, “sound” is the element for this chakra), and let them fill you with good vibrations to celebrate your voice!

About Prem:
Prem Amit is a certified meditation facilitator from OIMR in Pune, He has been facilitating various meditations and mindfulness workshops since 5 years. He was also part of the UAE Meditates organizing team under which free community meditations were organized for the community in Dubai.

Devavani (Divine Voice) Meditation
Needs a date and time

Just Be Holistic Center

Friends, We invite you to Osho Devavani (Divine Voice) Meditation.

Where: Just Be Hollistic Centre
102, Al Woushar Street - Um Suqeim1
When: 21st of December
Time: 7.30PM-8.30PM
Instructor: Prem Amit
Price: AED 80

For RSVP Contact -[masked] /[masked]
or Email - [masked]

Devavani means the 'Divine Voice' which moves and speaks through the meditator, who becomes an empty vessel, a channel. This meditation is a Lathihan of the tongue. This one-hour meditation in four stages deeply relaxes the mind and creates a profound sleep and inner peace. The only thing to be remembered is that those sounds or words should not be of any language that you know. If you know English, German, and Italian, then they should not be Italian, German, or English. Any other language that you don’t know is allowed – Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese! But if you know Japanese then it is not allowed – then Italian is wonderful. Speak any language that you don’t know. You will be in a difficulty for a few seconds only for the first day, because how do you speak a language you don’t know ? It can be spoken, and once it starts, any sounds, nonsense words just to put the conscious off and allow the unconscious to speak, will happen.When the unconsciousness speaks, the unconscious knows no language. It is a very, very old method. It comes from the old testament. In those days it was called glossolalia. A few churches in America still use it. They call it ‘talking in tongues’. And it is a wonderful method, one of the most deep and penetrating into the unconscious.Don’t make it feverish, let it be a deep deep comforting energy, nourishing, sing-song. Enjoy, sway, if you feel like dancing, dance. But everything has to be very graceful, that you have to remember. It has not to become cathartic.” OSHO “The Orange Book”

Come join us for this meditation experience.

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Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing Meditation

Illuminations Well-Being Center, JLT, Cluster "T", (Next to Dubai Marina metro Station)

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