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This group is for anyone who is looking to build muscle (body building, strength training, olympic weight lifting, CrossFit, even Yoga... etc.) All skill levels are welcome. I started this group because at times I wanted to meet someone at my fitness level and be gym buddies. I didn't always want to rely on a Personal Trainer to help me learn or grow; I wanted a gym buddy to bounce ideas off, spot one another, or even be part of a positive community that wanted to hang out, connect, and talk muscle bulding.


• This is a group for friendly support and information

• No self/business promotion! People who do so will be banned

• If you want to get business out of this group, then this isn't the place for you

• Be respectful and appreciative of other people's views, especially opposing ones

• Ask for help and support wherever you're at on your journey

• Don't judge others inside or outside the gym

• Be as supportive as you can be

• Do not give unsolicited advice

• This group is equally for men and women

• Got a question? Ask it in the group!

• For expert/professional advice, we encourage you to seek it from a medical/fitness professional

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