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This group aims to bring together 40s and 50s singles for genuine and deeper connections beyond acquaintances and friendships.

Meet Up events will be arranged with a variety of themes/venues/settings for our members to meet interesting and age equivalent singles with similar expectations, in smaller groups, with focus on a balanced male to female ratio.

Join us at our next Dubai Singles 40s-50s event, we look forward to seeing you.


We are aiming to provide an environment for our members to meet genuine singles with similar expectations and goals, therefore, all of our approved members must:

• be within the ages of 40s and 50s. The minimum age requirement to be accepted as a member of the group is 40, the maximum age requirement to be accepted as a member of the group is 59;

• be single and genuinely looking for a relationship connection beyond acquaintance and friendship;

• provide a recent photograph of themselves, which is up close, front facing and clear of any obstacles (no hats, sunglasses or anything that is covering/hiding the face); and

• have a genuine profile.

The above is a requirement for the full term of an approved member’s membership to the Group, approved members will be removed from the Group where changes to their profile preclude any of the above requirements.

All applications to the Group that do not meet the above requirements will be declined.

Any approved member who is found to have provided false information will be immediately removed from the Group.

Where a member has knowledge that another member has possibly provided false information as noted above, members can confidentially report suspicions to the Group’s organisers.

All of Dubai Singles 40s-50s Group notifications/ discussions/ messages will be sent via the Meet Up group platform. The Group’s organisers will not use any other message service (including Whatsapp) for any purpose regarding the Group and personal contact details of our members will not be required and/or requested.

For our member’s security, we respectfully request that our members refrain from forwarding any personal details, including contact details, through the Group’s message and discussion sections unless it had been agreed between consenting members.

The Group’s organisers will not distribute contact details of any members to the Group and the Group’s organisers request that all members refrain from providing contact details for this or any other purpose.

All members are requested to be polite to and respectful of their fellow members whilst using the message and discussion sections of the Group, as well as during meets/events.

Advertising of any kind through the message and discussion sections of the Group is strictly prohibited and anyone found doing so will be removed from the Group and banned from rejoining at any time.

All of Dubai Singles 40s-50s meets/events (with the exception of our Monthly Mixer) will be arranged to provide a balanced male to female ratio. When all spaces for either male or female have been filled, any further RSVPs over and above the available number of spaces will be notified as declined and will be placed on waitlist for a space to become available. All spaces are on a first come first serve basis. At the discretion of the organiser, a meet/event can be cancelled where a balanced male to female ratio has not been met.

All of Dubai Singles 40s-50s meets/events will be members attendance only.

The host/organiser will arrive 15 minutes prior to any meet/event start time to meet and greet members. The host/organiser will wait a maximum time of 30 minutes following the meet/event start time for the arrival of members. Where no member has arrived at a meet/event within 30 minutes of a meet/event start time, the host/organiser will depart the venue.

A minimum of 6 members (not including the host/organiser) will be required for all ratio based meets/events to go ahead.

A minimum of 8 members (not including the host/organiser) will be required for the Monthly Mixer meet/event to go ahead.

Where a meet/event has not reached the required minimum member RSVPs or a balanced male to female ratio has not been met, a notification email will be sent out to all members 24 hours prior to the commencement of the meet/event confirming that the meet/event has been cancelled.

Where a member has RSVPd to a ratio based meet/event, due to the limited availability of spaces, we request that members who are then unable to attend a meet/event to let us know at least 48 hours prior to the meet/event commencement time and date, this is so that we can open up the invite to other members who might have missed out on the opportunity to attend and also to maintain the balanced male to female ratio.

Members who repeatedly RSVP to any of the Group’s meets/events and then no show to meets/events will be removed from the Group.

Unless specifically mentioned under meet/event information, there will be no organisation, administration or event fees, however, members attending meets/events will be required to pay for any and all food and beverages purchased before, during and after meets/events by each individual attending member.

We thank the Group’s members for your support and understanding.

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