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DSC members are invited to attend "The BIG Picture: Group Exhibition" @ DUCTAC

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The BIG Picture"

exhibition will be hosted by the

Gallery of Light at Dubai Community Theatre & Art Centre (DUCTAC)

on the weekend of 6 - 8 June 2013.
The BIG Picture is an independent art exhibition; self-funded and organized by participating artists. The concept is inspired by a fast and busy society that often magnifies minor issues and gets caught up in the details of a demanding daily schedule, while ignoring the vision and the essence of where we are all heading as collectives or individuals and neglecting the significance of the journey and the overall process we each follow.
The BIG Picture demolishes boundaries and gives the artists the freedom to express their interpretation of this message in a simple method, freeing it from art politics, galleries’ profitable guidelines or fame-driven market, while emphasizing the importance of it via large pieces. It is an exhibition that does not limit the artists with the commercial factors and allows them to concentrate on art for art’s sake.
“We live in a vast world; let us look at art from outer space, let us look at the big picture, no matter how big it gets, or small it might need to be” said a member of The Big Picture team.
The BIG Picture will be exploring multifaceted artistic creations, featuring paintings, photography, sculpture, digital art, performance art, installation as well as audio visual arts, by ambitious emerging and published artists.
The BIG Picture will present over 22 Dubai based artists who have been inspired by growing and cosmopolitan societies.
Participating Artists:
Amal Mahmoud
Amjad Aljoukhda
Angie Abbas
Ashwin Pillai
House of Design
Ilona Maras
Karim Hobeika
Lama Kabbani
Mai Aldabbah
Manisha Andrade
Mel Pickup
Nashwa Zakaria
Nihal Akmal
Ram Nath
Roba Hamadeh
Shaok Tahir
Sumanta Dahda
TJ Abustan
Ufuk Kobas
Zaahirah Muthy

Exhibition Information
The Big Picture – Art Exhibition
Opening 6 June 2013, 7pm - 10pm (

6 June: 7pm - 10pm
7 June: 10am - 10pm
8 June: 10am - 10pm
Gallery of Light
Mall of Emirates
2nd level
Al Barsha
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 341 4777
PR Enquiries
Nihal Akmal
T: +971 50 6548084
Artists’ Relations
Ram Nath
T: +971506767997
Members please feel free to sign up and look at The Big Picture.

Also please feel free to check out DUCTAC Summer Camp 2013
for more information, please visit: (
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