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Socializing is more positive than anything else. Dubai Socialites is all about people, their interests, passions and ambitions; its a group that encourages like minded professionals to share their most interesting experiences with others for knowledge sharing, and building new bonds in expat life. If that sounds a little dull, Dubai Socialites invites you to shed your professional garb for exciting evening meet ups for fun where you could forget about work and just talk about your interests freely! Fun Time Indeed!

We believe personal and social relationships are always the key to success and in order to succeed and pull it through all sorts of times we need stronger network of people around us. Here you will find buzzing events for an exciting Dubai night life experience!

Join Dubai Socialites to share your vision of life, enjoy the free time, find business professionals, startup owners, ambitious entrepreneurs, dreamers, artists, and many passionate friends who love to share ideas and have relaxing time. Here you may build more professional ties, make new friends, meet like minded people with whom you could share dreams fearlessly and get inspired in return. Grow your network for the fun of it for life is all about enjoying and aspiring for more FUN.

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Coffee Evening with YesGulf

مطعم الفنر للمأكولات البحرية | Al Fanar Seafood Restaurant

Join us on this wonderful evening for social networking. Building strong social connections works well on many levels. It’s definitely for you if: ☑️You want to double your business ☑️You want to find resources for your startup idea ☑️You desire to get a promotion ☑️You seek a new dream job ☑️You are hungry for the new world of opportunities No matter where you are and what you do, your network is what elevates your success! Build your network through this opportunity at YesGulf. Here is the Schedule: Friday, October 30, 2020 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Alfanar Restaurant, Albarsha Pond Park, Dubai Must observe social distancing rules and wear masks. Registration is free and signup only if you are attending as slots are limited. Register via our website https://yesgulf.com/event/coffee-evening-with-yesgulf/

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