What we're about

We are a group in Dubai providing MEET-UP opportunities for those interested in and wishing to be part of a local Transcendental Meditation Group - these groups normally meet up about two or three times per month to meditate together and enjoy the enhanced effect of practising TM in a group and being a part of a dynamic growth process. There are also knowledge and discussion sessions to enhance the group's intellectual understanding so that it compliments the experience of transcendental consciousness. The introductory talks that we provide are the starting point of the journey, allowing you to make an informed choice about whether you would like to learn the technique and then take part in any of our MEET-UP opportunities.

What is Transcendental Meditation (TM)?

TM is a truly unique system of meditation. It is a simple, natural, effortless technique practiced for 20 minutes, twice daily. It involves no control, concentration or visualization. It is not a belief system, philosophy or life style change and therefore can be practised by absolutely anyone. Over 40 years of scientific research, collated in 600+ studies show that TM unlocks the full creative potential of the mind; improves health and wellness; enhances personal relationships with others; and cultures a more fulfilling appreciation of the near and far environment. We suggest anyone with even a passing interest, to get in touch and see what TM can offer you.

Please see the following website for more details http://www.tm.ae

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