What we're about

Dubai Business Exchange is a professional networking group that focuses on increasing the networking opportunities in Dubai. One of our key objectives is to encourage and reward entrepreneurial behaviour, leading by example and prudent risk taking. We are passionate about service and excellence and will strive to bring forward the best opportunities.

We believe that successful business growth is founded on excellent business relationships and to build those relationships we listen and understand the needs of our members.

Dubai Business Exchange will build relationships by harnessing the power of today’s technology and communications, and extend it to its members!


Dubai Business Exchange’s mission is to create opportunities that will support its members in growing their businesses by strategic collaboration, acquiring entrepreneurial and leadership skills, making investment decisions and professional advancement.

Our Objective is to create service based social activities that will contribute in development of the talent and skills of Dubai’s professionals and create economic opportunities:

• Quality guest speaking engagements

• Achieve the 5 strategic goals for the community

• Entrepreneurship Growth

• Enable Business Development

• Investment and Partnerships

• Talent Improvement

• Research, Planning & Strategy

• Become the largest group facilitating business growth

• Provide support to our members and maintain excellent relationships that will enrich and enhance the lives of all those people that patronise us

Past events (166)

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Rise Above Series #1 - Unlocking Innovative Potential

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1776Talk: Intro to Influential Communications

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