Cassandra, MapReduce, Go and few other potions

Dublin DevOps Meetup
Dublin DevOps Meetup
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Hi there devops and SREs of any kind!

We are finally announcing our October meetup, that we hope will be full of great content.

Talks are scheduled to start at 6:30pm sharp. Venue doors will be open from ~ 6pm so everyone can make it on time, and start socialising and nibling, as usual.

This will be the event line up:

• “Using MapReduce to power full-text search” by Ryan Park ( - Storage Operations Manager @ Slack.

"Full-text search is the *killer feature* of the Slack messaging app, but indexing got tough as the index exceeded 100TB. Slack solved those pain points by rebuilding Solr indexes from scratch every week, using a MapReduce job in their data warehouse. Ryan will share some of Slack's problems operating Solr, and how the new setup helps with those."

• "Lean web operations — Planning for the Unpredictable" by Jochen Lilich (, IT Operations Black Belt @ freistil IT.

"What we've learned about keeping our work in flow despite constant interruptions and conflicting priorities."

• "Growing big with Cassandra" by Horatiu Muresan - Senior Devops @ Zendesk.

"Brief introduction to the world of Cassandra, key features, scalability, use cases, examples and lessons learned about it at Zendesk."

• "Pick up (&) Go" by Viktor Vad (, Software Engineer @ Rapid Ratings International.

"My story about why I keep looking at other languages."

Additional info:

- You can read our code of conduct here (

- Pizza/Beers/Networking galore will be available!

- The event will be recorded and streamed via Youtube Live stream - only if we can: [link to come]

- If you want to talk online about this upcoming meetup, please use the hashtag #DevOpsDublin.

Come and enjoy the party dudettes and dudes!

Alberto and Cassiano.