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Film Project
Regular Monday meetup to discuss film projects.

Alfie Byrne's

Earlsfort Terrace · Dublin 2

What we're about

"The moment you think about that you want to be a film-maker you're that" - Robert Rodriguez from his 10-minute film school lecture... If the above quote convinced you enough to think yourself as a film maker, then come and meet the fellow film makers from Dublin. What we do: ________________________________________________________ We discuss about collaborative film making with minimum resources. We make LOW budget or NO budget films which might get a chance to enter some prestigious film festivals or end-up on you tube with you as the sole viewer. The movies could be of any length ( Ex: 30 sec.s to 30 days) and any genre ( or may be of no genre). Everyone will get a chance to do some thing here. We will rent the equipment and shoot it in hours or we will just use our own digital cameras with home made tripods. We do any thing else that looks appropriate to the group. _____________________________________________________ Who should join: If you read until this point, then you should. If you are still worrying about your eligibility please check the fallowing list and if you fall into any category, you are more than qualified to join this group. 1. Professional and non professional film makers. 2. script writers : experienced and naive or wannabees 3. Professional (and non-Professional) Actors and Actresses 4. Those who want to be in front of the camera with or with out any reason. 5. If you have any film making equipment that you never used or you are expert in operating them. 6. If you have no film making equipment with you but you can (or can not) operate some. 7. Professional and non-professional editors. 8. If you want to know 'How does amateur film making groups work' 9. If you have nothing to do to kill your spare time. 10. You just want to join. 11. If you don't belong to any of the above categories. 12. If you don't like the common question in the meet-ups ' Why did you join this group' 13. If you think clicking the 'JOIN' button costs you nothing. 14. You read more than enough. PS: If you still hesitate to join this group, attend one of the meet-ups as a guest and decide yourself then.

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