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Hello Bonjour Cześć Ciao Hallo Hola 你好 Marhabaan こんにちは Здравствуйте Salve

Welcome to this adventure holiday travel group. We are a community who have a passion for traveling, enjoying the best things in life in a cost-effective way. Let's stop looking at photos of friends and strangers having a good time on Instagram/Facebook and make our travel dreams a reality. Us organizers don't belong to a travel agency. We are just here to create a platform for like-minded people to connect with each other. We will try our best to schedule trips so you can join us in a group visiting places but the true success of this group is up to each and every one of its members.

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If you have a holiday plan and would love to have company, you are most welcome to use this meetup group to find potential travel mates. Send us a message with a travel plan and we'll see if we can schedule a meetup on this group.

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Bike 🚴 🌳 Road Trip in Wicklow Ballinastoe ⛰-Wicklow

Biking.ie Wicklow

Bike 🚴 🌳 Road Trip in Ticknock Forest ⛰-Dublin

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Bike 🚴 🌳 Road Trip in Ticknock Forest ⛰-Dublin

Ticknock Forest

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