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Laser combat is an outdoor gaming sport similar to paintball, but without the paint! Using invisible infrared light, laser guns can hit targets with pinpoint accuracy at 300 feet or more.

Games follow many different scenarios: team deathmatch, prisoner extraction, sniper missions, scenarios with medics and respawn points. Games are infinitely configurable: ammo, health points, and game time can all be changed to suit using the guns' onboard electronics.

I own a large arsenal of laser guns that players are welcome to use for free. There are currently five different base weapons, including rapid-fire pistols, sniper rifles, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, and wide-angle shotguns.

About me: I formerly ran a laser combat club in Seattle, USA, and moved to Ireland in 2012. I enjoy the outdoors and playing unusual sports! Collecting laser combat gear is one of my favorite pastimes, and I love sharing it with others.

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Return to Iveagh Gardens! With Lasers!

Dublin's Iveagh Gardens

Invasion of Iveagh Gardens!

Dublin's Iveagh Gardens

Battle for Herbert Park

Herbert Park

Battle at Bull Island

Bull Island Beach

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