Mapping Your Mind For Success!

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Price: €15.00 /per person

Holiday Inn Express Dublin City Centre

28-32 O'Connell Street Upper · Dublin

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We will be in the O'Connell Room of the Holiday Inn Express, O'Connell Street Upper, D01

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We all know that to get results in life, we need to take action, right?

Sometimes it’s easy for us to take action towards getting things done, but sometimes it’s the total opposite and everything seems out of our control.

Sometimes we find it tough and we can’t seem to motivate ourselves to do the work. We get distracted with all the other things that are going on in our hectic lives and that thing that we were supposed to do never happens.

We get further and further away from where we want to be and what we want seems to be sailing off in to the distance.

You know what I’m talking about...

Maybe you want to get in shape but can’t seem to exercise or eat right...

Perhaps you need to arrange that important meeting to push your career forward but keep putting it off...

Or maybe you want to do things with your family but it never works out...

You want changes, but no matter how much you want it, things stay the same and the frustration, the anger and the resentment builds. You end up taking out our frustrations on the people that matter to you most.

What's worse is that you know what you are doing (or not doing) is costing you and you cant seem to help yourself from doing (or not doing) it anyway!

Doubt kicks in and self-belief goes out the window and things just start piling up against you...

What if I were to tell you there is a way to change it?

What if I were to tell you that you already have the internal resources you need to get things done, the only reason you don’t is because your brain is under threat and holding you back?

What if you began to realise that actually, there is nothing wrong with you, you’re actually working perfectly?

Well, in this short, 90 minute workshop I am going to introduce you to some very simple concepts that will change your life and help you to access the calm, confident, resourceful and productive mindset you need to get ahead with your goals.
I will share with you...

• Mindset vs. Brainset – A very important and powerful distinction that explains why ‘positive thinking’ isn’t working for you!

• Perception and projection, how we form our maps – How your brain receives and processes information and how that affects the way you ‘see’ everything!

• Threat – How your nervous system is under threat and how this ancient mechanism keeps you stuck!

• Four Pillars of a Success Mindset – The four key areas that influence your mindset and how to integrate them to set you up for success!

• Calming the chatter – How to handle the automatic negative thoughts that are trying to wear you down and keep you from progressing!

• Engineering your mindset – Finally, how to intentionally and
deliberately shift your mindset and access resourceful states at will!
All in 90 minutes!

By the end of the workshop you will have a better understanding of how mindset works and you will have practical tools to take away and apply in to your life so that you can increase your productivity, keep your cool and get things done.

After the workshop there will be an opportunity to mingle and network with the other participants.

Please note that due to the venue capacity, there are only 16 spots available, so get in quick to avoid disappointment.

Date: Wednesday 20th March 2019. The workshop will take place 7:15pm – 8:45pm. I recommend arriving early to meet the other participants and sign in. The room will be available from 7pm and there is a reception area outside.

Venue: O'Connell Room, Holiday Inn Express Dublin City Centre, O'Connell Street Upper, D01

Price: €15:00

Bring a notepad and pen!

Looking forward to seeing you there.