What we're about

This group is for anybody who wants to improve, grow, achieve, understand, overcome and experience.This group is about personal development.

Hi, my name is Jayson, I'm the group organiser and I'm also a coaching psychologist. For me, personal development is about understanding who and where we are, where it is we want to go, and what's getting in the way of us getting there. Based on this assumption this group will aim to to help members to better understand themselves, what it is they want and need, and the practical and psychological barriers getting in the way.

I've just taken over this group (25/5/20) - so hopefully you'll give it a chance.

We will run both online and in-person events which will explore, discuss and investigate topics such as: procrastination, motivation, confidence, stress, interpersonal relations, productivity, finding balance in life, emotion, cognitive behavioural techniques, anger, happiness, finding meaning & purpose, decision making and anything else.

Any questions feel free to get in touch

all the best


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