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• Do you suffer from:

• constant fatigue,

• poor sleep,

• poor memory and concentration?

• Do you use caffeine, or nicotine, or sugar to give you energy to get you through the day?

• Is stress often getting the better of you – feeling like you are on an endless treadmill and not too sure where the off button is?!

• And when you finally manage to get off it, do you find it hard to unwind in the evening, and reach for your old reliables like a glass of wine/or a few beers? Or maybe you need the odd sleeper or even a joint to calm things down?!

How would you feel if you had boundless energy waking up refreshed with enthusiasm ?

How would it be for you if you had the tools to take charge of your stress and locate that off button on the treadmill ..... at will?

How would it be if you had the right information to empower you to make the right food choices to help you move in the direction of optimal health and happiness?

If these are goals that interest you this is the group for you!!

For anyone interested in nutrition, optimal health and flourishing wellness and disease prevention we would love to welcome you to our group!

My name is Yvonne Daly I am a qualified general nurse and have worked in the area of preventive medicine for many years. I have a keen interest in Cardiac Health and Diabetes and helping people gain their optimal weight.

My name is Gabby Punch and I qualified in both general and psychiatric nursing. I have always had a keen interest in emotional health and currently work as a Human Givens Practitioner using the first Bio psychosocial model of psychotherapy, where I get quick and effective outcomes for patients suffering with various emotional health issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, addictions etc. I also have a huge interest in the role of food on mood. As an enhancement to my work I also use HeartMath technology which helps people to self regulate their emotions to enrich their life experiences using tools that enable them to better recognise and access their intuitive insight and heart intelligence.

Together we pool our experience and skills and work as Nutritional Therapists and we see clients on a one to one basis for nutritional consultations along with Food Intolerance Testing recognising that food intolerances plays such a huge driver in so many physical and emotional issues such anxiety and depression. We also teach the subject in Marino College. We are both passionate about the role that nutrition plays in optimal health and disease prevention always keeping abreast of what is current and on the cutting edge!

We would love to share some of our knowledge with our members.

Food impacts on your energy levels, your ability to cope with stress and even your sleep! Every time you put food into your mouth you are either feeding disease or fighting it! With the huge rise of degenerative diseases and mood disorders in our society such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, depression anxiety and suicide we feel it is our responsibility to share what we know and it is our passion to empower our members to be able to make informed choices for their own health and give you the knowledge needed to treat these conditions through food and lifestyle modifications.

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