What we're about

We are photographers that prefer the manual workflow in taking photos: manual focusing and manual metering. Why? Because the process of taking photos manually is the most exciting part of photography. There's no one to blame if you didn't nail the exposure or focus but you can learn from it and correct it. You are in absolute control!

We prefer that members have rangefinder camera ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rangefinder_camera ). If you don't have a rangefinder camera but you're interested to learn the manual photography workflow, you are definitely welcome but we expect you to disable all the auto mechanisms in your camera. That's the price to pay to encourage you not to get lazy in taking photos ;).

Past events (21)

Film Photowalk Around Dublin

Needs a location

Ireland’s Eye Photo-Picnic

Needs a location

The Rangefinders revisit Skerries

Connolly Station

Rangefinders first meetup for 2019

Howth Dart Station

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