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I'm looking to find help in locating an enclosed space near Dublin city where owners of restricted breeds or dogs with specific behavioural problems, can exercise off lead safely.

I'm the owner is a GSD malinois mix who needs to be on lead and muzzled due to both the law and the fact he is very uncomfortable around strangers and most other dogs.

I would love to find a space where he and dogs like him can run freely, play fetch and just 'Be a dog'.

I was hoping to find other such dog owners, whether your dog is restricted by law or their behaviour, a safe, worry free space would be wonderful.

I have no idea where to begin looking so the more the merrier. I was thinking we could have a shared Google calender to book out our time slots and pay a few quid by the hour to avail of this off lead time for our dogs without the worry of bumping into another dog or another person.

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions are all welcome.

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