What we're about

All welcome but this group is primarily North Dublin based business owners or executives who could benefit from shared experience, discuss common issues and ideas, and to network to meet new business contacts who wish to grow and succeed in their businesses. Note: If your agenda for joining this group is other than the above stated, then please don't join.***Hard selling is not welcomed***. This meetup is about help and collaboration in a relaxed atmosphere.

Ideally, we want an equal balance of business categories/sectors - so if we are too heavy in one area - we will address that as we go.

*** If you have joined this group, please make an effort to attend the meet ups in person, **** The clue of this group is in the name 'Meetup'.

We aim to meet once a month casually, most likely in a north east Dublin location, in the evening primarily, for an hour approx. We will meet in a cafe, or hotel, but will avoid meeting in pubs!

Wil Lyons
Designer and Brand Consultant

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Meet Online: Mon 10th Aug 6.30pm.

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Business Owner Networking meeting

Clontarf Castle Hotel

Jan biz meetup

Clontarf Castle Hotel

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Marine Hotel

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