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Pre-Christmas Writers' Pizza
An informal meeting for us writers who wants to just have a chat maybe about our creative works maybe not... maybe about storytelling, maybe about...... anything we like! Feel free to come and taste the magnificent and unmatched pizza of SANO pizzeria. I confess that the main reason why I decided to organise this pizza together, is because I cannot survive a single week without going to eat a pizza at SANO (as you know I am Italian...) so I thought to share with you all the joy of a really fantastic and unmatched pizza. Please check your diary immediately and RSVP asap to ease the booking. This time will not be acceptable to say YES and RSVP and then do not come because I'll have to book the table. Please keep your word or update us asap! Yabadooooo!

Sano pizza

1-2 upper exchange street temple bar · Dublin 2

Respond by: 12/13/2018

What we're about

This is a group for all the writers/authors/illustrators/artist/filmmakers etc, etc... interested in self-publishing their book or publishing through any other medium.

We do not have a rigid idea about what Self Publishing is and we are open to any form of Storytelling through different channels. In our vision also filmmaking, comics, audiobooks, podcasting it can and it should be considered self-publishing!

Special attention to POD and on any original creative publishing solution.
We welcome anybody who wants to share his experience in self-publishing, or that wants to do his first steps in self-publishing. The group can facilitate the collaboration and creation of new editions. New book projects can be pitched to the group to get some feedback and stimulate new ideas.

The group is open to your suggestions and initiatives too. Join us to discover the advantages and the several possibilities of self-publishing.

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