Dublin UX May Meetup/Service Design Network Ireland Meetup #8

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Dublin UX
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Indeed Ireland

124-127 Saint Stephen's Green · Dublin

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Go to Indeed's offices, there will be representatives there to meet attendees.

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Dublin UX, along with our friends from the Service Design Network Ireland, are going to bring you something a little different this May!

To mark the upcoming Service Design Global Conference that is coming to Dublin this October (https://www.service-design-network.org/sdgc/2018) and join the conversation around design in product/service ecosystems, we are happy to bring you three amazing speakers keen to share their stories on Service Design:

John Lynch
Service & Interaction Design Lead, IXDA Local Leader
Twitter: @johnlync

Talk: Service Design for Cities

Cities have been called humankinds greatest invention and as society grows ever more urban the problem solving capacity of the city faces greater challenge. Indeed, while cities have provided solutions to a myriad social and economic problems, they too generate new and fascinating complexity and difficulty.

This talk will explore some of the ways in which service design might apply at the urban scale. Examples from around the world (and closer to home) will be examined through the lens of service design principles. Additionally, as “smart city” technology matures and “big data” is being used to drive services at scale, we’ll take a look at how your personal data can be applied to wicked problems in our urban systems.

About: John Lynch

John Lynch is a service design lead with Fjord at The Dock in Dublin. His work has taken him from Dublin to London via Copenhagen. He started as a software developer and he’s taught Service Design at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction design. This talk is inspired by his passion for urban design and his time spent working with Future Cities Catapult – a dedicated UK centre for urban innovation in London.


Gerry Scullion
Service Designer, Founder & Host of This is HCD Podcast, Coach, Design Mentor, Speaker
Twitter: @gerrycircus

Talk: The Come Down after the Design Thinking Sugar High.

Design Thinking. It’s the movement and methodology that has captivated organisations around the world. But what is it about Design Thinking that has led to its polarisation by practitioners globally? I’ll speak briefly about Design Thinkings origin, it’s misuse, it’s limitations and what follows Design Thinking in organisations.

About: Gerry Scullion

Gerry Scullion is a Principal Service Design Consultant. He has over 16-years consulting experience across a range of industries such as finance, healthcare, media, public services, social media and various startups. He contributed to the book ‘This is Service Design Doing’ (O’Reilly 2018) focusing on chapters about effective prototyping, and embedding Service Design teams within organisations. He is the founder of ThisisHCD.com – The Human-Centered Design Podcast. He is a Fellow of theRSA.org and a long-serving iXDA Design Mentor. He can be found at @gerrycircus and gerryscullion.com.


Michel Cloosterman
Twitter: @bricksandbusiness
LinkedIn: http://nl.linkedin.com/in/michelcloosterman/

Talk: "From Intention to Action" - An introduction of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY into Design Thinking.

Michel is a business coach and likes to initiate the next step forward, encourages growth and stimulates a meaningful approach on business and personal topics. His style strives to create a safe learning environment, where people are challenged and appreciated. His personal aim is to lalways look to what's next and what are we going to do. His roots lie Human Resource Management and Business Development, as a leader, manager and coach. Later in his career he combined his experience with entrepreneurship, starting his consulting business and initiated the growth of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method in the Netherlands. Now as an international trainer and facilitator his aim is to continue delivering successful workshop at companies, to coach other facilitators to the next level of their profession and grow the method itself through innovation.