Child Themes - More Important Than Real Children


Part 1: Presentation
Just like you should never modify core WordPress files, you shouldn't edit theme files. Damien Carbery will show you how easy it is to create a child theme, how to use the template hierarchy to your advantage and how to be smug when a theme update comes along.

In this meetup, you’ll learn:
- When you see how easy it is, you will no longer be afraid to create a child theme.
- You will see how the template hierarchy can help you enhance a parent theme.
- You will see examples of bad parents and how to fix them.
- You will see a few examples of simple but powerful examples of the WordPress API.

About the speaker:
I've been programming since before I had a computer. I started using WordPress in 2017 to blog and now I read its source code every day. I love seeing do_action() and apply_filters() calls.

I am a stay at home father and freelance WordPress developer. I run, cycle and bake. And I spend too much time browsing WordPress and WooCommerce groups looking for questions to answer.

Part 2: Panel Q&A
After the presentation, a panel will follow with:
- Rodolfo Melogli (WooCommerce expert at
- Diego Zanella (WordPress plugin developer at
- Amit Wadhwa (WordPress web designer at

They will answer any questions you might have about your WordPress site.

- 6:00 pm - Coffee/tea, biscuits and networking
- 6:15 pm - Presentation
- 6:45 pm - Questions & Answers
- 7:15 pm - Panel Q&A
- 7:45 pm - Networking at Vertigo Bar About the venue:
The Meetup will take place within the Bank of Ireland’s new Workbench co-working space at Grand Canal Square Dublin. Our friends at Bank of Ireland provide us with a free event space, tea, coffee, snacks and access to their Wi-Fi.
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Contact Details:
If you have a problem with finding us, feel free to contact Amit on[masked].

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