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Workshop on Bayesian Data Analysis (Part 2)

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This workshop will be a continuation of the workshop we ran in July on Bayesian Data Analysis, taking up where the July workshop ended.

New attendees are welcome, though it may be beneficial to review the worksheet in advance.

I highly recommend that attendees bring their own laptop and have at least a basic familiarity with R. The workshop is designed so that attendees can work through the various examples themselves.

In this workshop, we continue the analysis of coin tosses to perform statistical inference on the bias of coins.

We will shift our focus onto more general problems where analytic solutions are not available, and we are forced to rely on numerical techniques to calculate the posterior integral.

In particular, we show how brute-force approximations quickly become infeasible and we introduce Gibbs sampling, with particular emphasis on the context of hierarchical models.

The worksheet, data and code are available in the Files section, attendees are encouraged to look through the material in advance. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or issues with the material.

Once again, there will be a small cover charge to cover the cost of the venue.