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This meetup will be organized every month. Please know that we not sell, promote, ask for money or get sponsored by any organization. It will be only for people working or study digital media and design. You could be working or study graphic design, UX design, innovation, Adobe products, 3D, Webdesign, social media, sales, Virtual Reality, WordPress, programming, apps, adwords, adsense, SEO, marketing, etc

Please make sure you have some sort of website or portfolio before you decide join. Each meetup will only host 5 or 6 people because I have the goal that we really get to know each other and not just attend a big sponsored networking event. What also could be nice but not with this group.

Please only join when you are willing to share your online portfolio, Facebook, real name, picture, Linkedin, Snapchat, Instagram profile etc. with the group. The idea to learn from each other and know each other. We not look for secret designers or people that want to hide themselves online.

We maybe also setup after the first meeting a Whatsapp where we can share ideas and add people that have a connection with Dublin and Digital Media. Their is no need to meetup every week. It is no problem if you not around much Because we are digital. We could be anywhere. As long you can attend 1 meeting.

About me:


I am Bianca. A Dutch native living almost 10 years in Ireland. I have a certificate / diploma in International Business, a degree in Psychology and I currently study part-time for my master in digital media and design

I work full-time as an Inside sales specialist / account manager in IBM. I sell products like SPSS, Algoritmics, Notes and Cognos. My goal is to bring my business, sales, accountmanager and psychology skills together with digital media, innovation, design and marketing. At the moment I am building my portfolio but I am already running a travel blog: http://www.ontheroadwithbianca.com

Please introduce your self. Share your goals, work and ideas. It doesn't matter if English is not your first language. We will understand each other by visual design and digital media.

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