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Life Drawing and Art Classes In Dulwich, South London

The Dulwich Art Group and School is a small independent art school with a focus on observational drawing and painting.

We run structured courses in painting and drawing and drop-in life drawing and painting sessions. Drop-in studio sessions have recommenced and we are also conducting all our drop-in sessions online via Zoom.

Drop-in zoom sessions are very popular with artists of all abilities, with no commitment you are free to attend sessions when you choose. As there is no formal tuition you will be left to get on with your work unmolested - no tutor looking over your shoulder and telling you that the head is too large! If you want advice you'll find the room has plenty of experts who will be happy to give you pointers however looking at others work is often enough to resolve a problem.

Drawing from life is a core discipline for many visual artists, it trains the eye and the hand and develops our skills in visual exploration. For many, creativity arises from the excitement of really seeing which comes from this process of sustained looking.

We have long and short pose groups. In a long pose group you'll find people drawing and painting in a variety of media; charcoal, pencil, pastel, watercolour, acrylic and oil are all well represented. We often hold a pose for three weeks which painters find very attractive particularly in a drop-in.

Short pose groups are ideal for learning to grasp the essence of what we are looking at and for describing it quickly and with economy. If you're trying to loosen up or to develop your own visual language repeatedly drawing the figure with a time constraint is very helpful.

You'll find details of our tutored groups on our website, they are delivered by professional artists whose work we admire and who have a love of sharing their knowledge and a gift for communicating it. www.dulwichartgroup.co.uk

Upcoming events (4+)

Thursday Evenings – Intermediate Life Drawing - 7pm-9pm

Dulwich Art Group & School

Thursdays from 7pm-9pm

Working from a live nude model, you will be taken through a range of concepts and methods which will really bring focus to your work.

Tonal drawing, where we describe form by observing the relative lightness and darkness of our subject, is central to this course.
We cover strategies for dealing with challenges such as proportion, perspective and foreshortening.
An understanding of anatomy really helps to bring clarity to figure drawing so we’ll be raising awareness of body structure.
Heads, hands and feet are looked at individually, understanding what’s going on makes things easier to draw.
We’ll look at how other artists have worked to inform our own.
This is a group for artists who have done some life drawing and want to improve through practice, demonstration, tuition and critique. If you’ve started off with our Introduction to Life Drawing this will be the natural pathway for you and will bring you to a new level of accurate representation. The tonal dimension to the course is also a proven pathway to painting the figure.

We are delivering this class with Zoom and in person.You can attend individual sessions via Zoom or at the studio (email us to [masked])

£10.00 – £225.00

Saturday Life Drawing & Painting Session, Drop-in & Zoom

Dulwich Art Group & School

This life drawing and painting session has returned to the studio with a maximum of 13 socially distanced slots available each week to pre-book online. We are also running this weekly session as a Zoom session.

Long pose life painting and drawing. Usually the same pose held for two weeks so that you can produce a sustained piece. It’s untutored so you’ll be left to get on with it yourself although advice is always available. Talking to other artists will usually bring the objectivity required to discern the next step.

Further details can be found here: https://www.dulwichartgroup.co.uk/saturday-morning-zoom-drawing-and-painting/

Cost is £15-£25 a session.

To book, please go to:

Monday Evenings – An Introduction to Life Drawing - 7pm-9pm

Dulwich Art Group & School

For anyone serious about getting better at drawing whether you are a complete beginner or wanting to improve on what you’ve got.

Mondays from 7pm-9pm

How we teach
We don’t think there is only one way of drawing so we introduce several different approaches to capturing the figure including contour, gestural and schematic drawing, and provide the tools for proportional drawing. It seems that most of us find one approach suits us better than the others and we encourage people to notice what works best for them and go with it.

We demonstrate so you can see an artist tackling a problem and learn visually and we also interact with you individually to support you as you assimilate what has been shown and discussed.

Whilst this is now primarily a studio based course we still offer places on Zoom on a drop-in basis, you can choose individual Zoom sessions from the drop down.

Book you place https://www.dulwichartgroup.co.uk/product/thursday-evenings-an-introduction-to-life-drawing/

£10.00 – £225.00

Freya's Fast Poses, Drop-in or Zoom Life Drawing & Painting

Dulwich Art Group & School

Life drawing, shorter poses, experimental and fun! This session will be run by Freya Tate, a wonderful artist with a sharp eye and a playful line. The session will be life model focused but Freya will introduce chaotic elements to challenge you and move your drawing on to higher levels. You can see more of Freya’s work on Instagram: @freyatateify

From £10 to join us in the Covid safe studio - email for more details.
£8 to join us on Zoom.
£5 for students, drop us an email and we will send you the discount code.


For more information: https://www.dulwichartgroup.co.uk/tuesday-evening-zoom-life-drawing-painting/

To book, please go to: https://www.dulwichartgroup.co.uk/product/tuesday-evening-long-pose-life-drawing-painting-zoom-class/

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