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Wednesday Life Painting and Drawing with The Dulwich Art Group
The Dulwich Art Group Wednesday Sessions Wednesday, 10.00am-1.00pm Cost is £15 This is a long pose group with a life model. It is a drop-in session so you can just turn up, you don't need to book. Attendees range from those just getting back into drawing after a long break to professional artists - everyone is very friendly and there is plenty of opportunity to discuss with others what you or they are up to however if you choose you'll be left to get along without interference. We have a newsletter which we strongly recommend you sign up for as it is our main channel of communication. It comes out once a week and keeps you up to date with any last minute changes, (which are very rare), which model we have and any other news. You can subscribe here on our website ( which is also worth a visit to get a broader idea of our activities. There is no need to RSVP on this site, all our groups are upward of a dozen people many of whom have never been to this particular website, some are regulars others just passing through but the drop-in nature suits the artists diary.

The Dulwich Art Group

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Life Drawing and Art Classes In Dulwich, South London

The Dulwich Art Group organises life drawing and painting sessions which are open to people of all abilities. We tend not to call them Art Classes as with no formal tutor, artists are free to pursue their own approach to painting or drawing. However if a student wishes to have guidance or direction there are plenty of members who will offer advice, some of whom are lifelong art educators. Looking over the shoulder of someone who appears to know what they are doing can often be as much education as is required. We also run structured painting courses during the week - have a look at our website.

If you’ve been thinking of taking Art Classes or An Art Course these groups may well support or supplement. As with an Art Course there is a sense of progression, not through any outside agency but through regular and honest application and effort. Making a commitment to oneself to draw seriously just once a week can have benefits that reach beyond the immediate image produced. The neural pathways opened up through observation and mark making can suffuse other areas of ones life and work with creativity – drawing brings good things!

A pose is usually set for a period of three weeks, each weekly session runs for three hours which can feel quite long if you’re not used to it but it does give you a chance to make some headway, try a number of approaches or depict the model from a number of positions by moving around the room.

There is a break in the middle for tea, coffee and biscuits - £1 for whatever you want. Each session is paid for on the day allowing flexibility, you don’t have to commit to a whole term for example. In fact we run throughout the year and stay open through the holidays too.

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