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Greetings Star Nation! My name is Ariane Saffron, I AM a Practitioner of Cosmic Psychic Art focused as a Quantum Shamanic Healer ~ Divine Matrix Artist.
The core reason for me reaching out is i am here as a witness of our ancestral earth truths and our connected purpose as star-beings for choosing to be here on Gaia at this now. My trauma story guided me on a lonely path that became brighter and more fulfilling with each step. My story aligned me with Being honored on my path through connecting with Spirit ( ancestral, animal, elemental and otherworldly), Medicine peoples, shaman, mother earth and all her RELATIONS. My presence extends to the womb of the MULTIDIMENSIONAL universe, this journey has been a rainbow of blessings.

I will be facilitating various events surrounding a web of sacred PRACTICES, co-hosting with expansive elders, Shaman, Energy practitioners, and Medicine Peoples from Indigenous and non localized indigenous teachers & friends. Included with these traditional ancient knowings is my cosmic bridge connection, my deep knowing of the Quantum mechanics of the multiverse.

A little more about me.
Quantum Shamanic Healer is a blend of multiple psychic abilities and deep connections between the sacredness of all earthly kingdoms and their cosmic reflections. This enables the ability to see all the way above, all the way below and all timelines. Light and dark.

I AM a Master Code Channeler with access to Prime Creator who has channeled the evolution of Reiki, Quantum Holographic Reiki. These are of the 5th Dimension, simultaneously the activation codes for planet Earth Crystalline DNA evolution in preparation for hybridization.

I AM able to tap into YOU from your 1st blue spark of existence, birthing forth KEYs of healing on your road of Mastery NOW. My Earth walk is guided by ancient Shamanic teachings which ground my cosmic connection, aligning my highest self to share. Key specialties are:
My Focuses Are
~Awakening retreats
~Shamanic visionary art, primarily cosmic art, cosmic oracle portraits & cosmic light codexes
~Ancestral connection and releasing
~DNA cleansing and Upgrading ; preparation for Crystalline frequencies
~Vision story sharing & journeying
~Teacher, Practitioner & Diviner of Quantum Holographic Reiki; Sound~breath~light~touch~Sonic codes.
~Cosmic Psychic readings~healings~ oracle
~Teach & activate alien mind technology
~Activate your unique blueprint of why you are here now.

If this resonates with you please lets connect!

Past events (5)

Quantum Light Qi Gong

60 Main St

Mayan Fire Ceremony ~ Fall Equinox

Oliver M Smith Kawenniio

Grand River Anishinabe Water Ceremony

Needs a location

Divine Feminine Wilderness Retreat



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