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What is Polyamory? Why do it? How does it work? Whether completely new and interested in the concept, or a long time subscriber to poly ideals, if you want to chat about it all then Dundee Polyamory Meetup is the place to be! Come and discuss questions on your mind, share your personal experiences, and collectively contribute to a pool of knowledge we can all learn from, with people who practise polyamory on varying degrees. Hope to see you at DPM soon :)

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August monthly meetup

Blend Coffee Lounge

Come along for a relaxed chat in a coffee shop with other people who are interested in or practicing polyamory. Whether you're new to the idea and want to know what it's all about, starting out in your own poly relationships, or you've been doing it for years, we want to make a local community where you can come and talk with other like-minded people while drinking something tasty and possibly eating cake.

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July monthly meetup

Blend Coffee Lounge

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