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Do you feel like escaping to a more exciting world with elves and orcs and mysterious forces and dragons and dungeons? Or, maybe you lead an interesting life and just want to relax with some strangers in a friendly environment. Maybe you don't have enough spare time or just want to see what D&D is about. In this case you might be able to Guest Star in the adventure, if the DM doesn't mind.

D&D is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game taking place in the players' collective imagination. With work-sheets of information before them, the players choose to take different actions in various situations and the Dungeon Master (who works like a kind of God) describes the environment to the players and decide if their actions are successful or not.

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[ONLINE] Dungeons & Dragons One-Shot Meetup

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Thanks for the patience! Even during covid times, we were still looking for options to accommodate your craving for a good ol' goblin headbashing. And here we are!!! Looking for DMs, or players for a one-shot? Want to try out D&D or get a bit more experience? Or are you just looking for a welcoming group to share similar interests in the world of Dungeons and Dragons? Here's your chance! There's no requirements for you to join. Dice are digital, the character sheets, and even pre-generated heroes you can choose immediately, and jump right into action! Surprises, character creation assistance, and group building options included! ROLL INITIATIVE! :) The game will be held mostly on Roll20 (roll20.com) and Discord. Please join us on the channel to get acquainted with your DMs! Direct link: https://discord.gg/6rbjBw8 Games will possibly kick off at 18:30 tops. Have a question? Pop it up in the Discussions, or write one of the organizers :) Check out our Discord!

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Dungeons & Dragons One-Shot Meetup

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