Gael's DnD 5th Edition (One shot)

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Hi, I am Gael a travelling DM and I want to run a game while I am in town.
Gamers World take a fee of 3€ per person for the use of a table.

I will have pregen characters, but feel free to come with your favorite 3rd level character. Please use only PHB material.
Setting: Forgotten Realms (Large village -actually- 1700 people, Sword Coast).
My gaming style: narrative dominates, role-playing before roll-playing. But people uncomfortable can choose to roll.

Have a short background ready, but not to heavy so we can justify easily how the band know each other already.

What I bring, what you could bring:
- I have printed the pregens of the starter set, and two blank sheets.
- If someone can bring the rules, it will be nice (otherwise I have SRD free material on pdf, but it's always nice to have a book)
- I printed tables to replace the screen, if someone can bring a GM screen he or she gets +5% bonus XP: very useful for a one shot ;-)
- I have three sets of dices
- 3€ (the fees are paid to Gamers World to use a table)

See you on Thrusday!