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For those overt and closet geeks, nerds, and normals that have always dreamed of finding treasure in a long lost land, or fighting orcs in a terrifying dungeon while talking trash with fun, genuine people. We are hosting a Dungeons amd Dragons meetup!

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Sword, Cross, and Candle

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Times are dark...

The year, 1453 of The Unconquered Sun. Albion is ruled by Henry VI, and he is raving mad. His young queen, Queen Margaret holds great power and many say she is the real power behind the throne. Richard, Duke of York, claims to be rightful king of Albion by virtue of his lineage, the madness and weakness of the king, the corruption of the queen, and his crusades in The Forsaken Lands. There are several factions of nobles in Albion who increasingly pledge their allegiance to one of two banners. The first, the red rose of Lancaster, royal house of the king, the second, the white rose, banner of York.

The kingdom is divided.

To the east across the channel lie The Forsaken Lands, ancient home of the great ancestors, filled with history and sacred holy places but conquered and ruled by the forces of darkness under the Shadow Lord.

To the west across the Great Sea lies the receding Empire of Foere and the unstable new Borderland Provinces.

Across the South Sea lies New Albion, land of untamed territory, petty unimportant nobles, opportunity, and adventure. Here it is that the landless, the untitled, and the bold have a chance to make a mark and rise to greatness in the world by SWORD, CROSS, or CANDLE. This is their story...


Sword, Cross, and Candle is a low magic medievalist OSR (Old School Renaissance) campaign which is based upon the Castles and Crusades system (pdf free at Troll Lord Games), a Dungeons and Dragons clone which captures the original flavor and spirit of the game. In the future, the game will be played on every other Thursday at a location in Queens to be announced. For now the game will be played online. The campaign will start with players at level 1 and be played from 7 pm to 11 pm. It is sandbox style and includes wilderness adventure, city/town adventure, and two commercial mega dungeons.

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Sword, Cross, and Candle

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