First Durban AI Meetup. We have amazing speakers!


This will be the first AI meetup for Durban. This meetup's purpose is to engage with some of the AI and Machine Learning players in Durban and to initiate a community of AI enthusiasts that can share knowledge and experiences.

We are grateful to these remarkable speakers for providing their time and insights into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

Andrew Collier - Andrew is a seasoned data scientist with experience in both academic and commercial environments. He currently heads up a Data Science consultancy, Exegetic Analytics.

Terrance Naidoo - Terrance is the CTO for LexisNexis South Africa. He is responsible for driving technology with a focus on search and workflow platforms, mobile applications, big data analytics and AI technologies including Machine Learning, Natural Language Process and Advanced Visualization tools.

Amira Abbas - Amira is a master's candidate in Quantum Machine Learning and former research scientist at STANLIB Multi-Manager. She is extremely passionate about science and technology, specifically theoretical physics and artificial intelligence. Amira runs a tech startup and has implemented machine learning/AI projects.

LexisNexis South Africa is proud to host the event and provide refreshments.