What we're about

One Parent Families Association of Canada is national, non-profit organization which operates under a Federal Charter granted by the Government of Canada.

Our organization focuses on single parent families and we provide friendship, support, as well as organizing social and recreational sports activities for the adults and the kids. You are around people who have been through it all and come out the other side!!!

The organization operates through individual chapters which operate in the community. Each Chapter is self-funding -- fundraising is part of our mandate -- and each Chapter spends the funds supporting single parents as determined by the Chapter membership. Usually this means that children's activities are subsidized for members in good standing but successful chapters also subsidize adult activities, offer bursaries and other support for single parents.

We are a volunteer organization so that all the funds that we raise are spent on the members and their families. No fundraising goes to salaries. We have an executive at each Chapter who organize and run the Chapter. Volunteering and working together when you have a common objective is a great way to meet people in a friendly atmosphere and you will find that volunteering does as much for you as it does for the Chapter.

As a long time member, I can tell you that you will meet friends that you will have for life! Getting out the first few times is hard for some people. Come see what we are about and help us build the type of Chapter that meets your needs!

We use Meet Up as our advertising and communications tool. The activities that you see here are the activities that are open to everyone. Other activities may only open to members of the One Parent Families Association of Canada and may not appear here.

You are welcome to be a member of the DRE Meet Up group and attend the activities posted here, but we encourage you to learn more about being a member of the One Parent Families Association of Canada.

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Harmony Creek Community Centre

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