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Coroutines - Simple Concurrency with Kotlin (Simon Wirtz)

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ATTENTION: Please remember to RVSP yourself if you want to show up since your name needs to be registered with the building security!

ATTENTION: Our sponsor Trivago offers free drinks and snacks!

Location: This time the Trivago is hosting our meetup in their new headquarters! We will meet in the "Kinosaal".

The concept of a coroutine is fairly old already. In the 1960s, computer scientists began describing it, and since then,
multiple languages have incorporated coroutines as a tool for writing asynchronous code.
This talk will give an overview of Kotlin's approach to coroutines and how they help you structure your code.
Let's see what coroutines are, how they look like and how they support us in writing concurrent code for the JVM, JavaScript and other platforms.
It has never been a better time to get started with Kotlin coroutines as JetBrains has just released them in a 1.0 version.

Simon has been working as a software engineer for roughly seven years. After a couple of years of professional Java development, in 2016 he became aware of the rising Kotlin programming language and
stuck to it since then. Simon started writing and speaking about it and also teaches the language to others. He's fairly convinced that Kotlin is going to take over the world, slowly but surely...

Kesselstraße 5-7 · Düsseldorf