What we're about

Let's 'meetup' to meet likeminded people who are interested in life's big and small questions, both from the philosophical as well as the scientific side.

About the host (Clemens):

My own background is computer science, but I am studying biology, physics, and philosophy now for ~10 years and (hopefully) can answer any question or at least guide and moderate the discussion.

As a guideline for the meetings will serve the book series "Philosophy for Heroes" which discusses

- philosophy of language

- structure of philosophy (ontology---"what is?", and epistemology---"how do we know?")

- evolution

- (quantum) physics

- human intelligence and creativity

- neurobiology and consciousness

- free will

- ethics

- leadership

You can read the articles from the books for free at philosophy-for-heroes.com/blog. The books are also available in print.

Besides those basics, feel free to bring up own topics to discuss. Post a topic, an article, or a book into the group, and prepare a short presentation for the next meeting. Anything goes :)

If there is no topic prepared, I will present one from the list.

The primary language is English. Depending on the attendees, we can also switch to German (or I can translate a few concepts).

Upcoming events (1)

Basics of Philosophy (Düsseldorf Philosophy Meetup)

WOYTON am Schadowplatz

We start with a brief introduction of all attendees. Then I will present today's topic (Basics of Philosophy). This includes questions like: - axioms (philosophy, mathematics, science), "What is self-evident about the universe?" - pre-modern philosophers' approach to epistemology (allegory of the cave, Descartes "evil demon," "brain in a vat" scenario, "Matrix") - Problem of induction - Scientific Method Here are a number of articles on the topic: https://www.philosophy-for-heroes.com/epistemology/ https://www.philosophy-for-heroes.com/ontology/ https://www.philosophy-for-heroes.com/induction-and-deduction/ https://www.philosophy-for-heroes.com/an-introduction-to-science/ https://www.philosophy-for-heroes.com/occams-razor/ We will come back to these topics in later meetups again and again :) As already mentioned, this is a meetup group and not a university course, the focus of these meetings is usually more about "have you heard about this?" rather than producing a paper on philosophy ;) I will try to keep the discussion focused on the topic of basic of philosophy, though.

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Philosophy of Language (Düsseldorf Philosophy Meetup)

WOYTON am Schadowplatz

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