What we're about

Let's 'meetup' to meet likeminded people who are interested in life's big and small questions, both from the philosophical as well as the scientific side.

About the host (Clemens):

My own background is computer science, but I am studying biology, physics, and philosophy now for ~10 years and (hopefully) can answer any question or at least guide and moderate the discussion.

As a guideline for the meetings will serve the book series "Philosophy for Heroes" which discusses

- philosophy of language

- structure of philosophy (ontology---"what is?", and epistemology---"how do we know?")

- evolution

- (quantum) physics

- human intelligence and creativity

- neurobiology and consciousness

- free will

- ethics

- leadership

You can read the articles from the books for free at philosophy-for-heroes.com/blog. The books are also available in print.

Besides those basics, feel free to bring up own topics to discuss. Post a topic, an article, or a book into the group, and prepare a short presentation for the next meeting. Anything goes :)

If there is no topic prepared, I will present one from the list.

The primary language is English. Depending on the attendees, we can also switch to German (or I can translate a few concepts).

Upcoming events (1)

Philosophy Meetup 2020: Does Your Brain Need You? Basics of Evolution

After a writing break, the meetup continues :) Content of the first meetup: History of Evolutionary Thought Selection of Systems Mutations Selection Selfish Genes Randomness Evolution as Waves “Macro-evolution” Upcoming meetups: The Evolution of Attention The Rise of the Primates A Glimpse into the Brain Creating a Body Schema The Theory of Mind Basics of Philosophy Theories of Consciousness The Search for Consciousness The Loop of Consciousness Model-Building The Attention and Awareness Schema Theories Building a Conscious Mind Some major changes to the format: - Online via Zoom. Given the current crisis and contact limitations, the meetup will be held online. This also offers the opportunity to present the ideas for a wider audience and for people currently not in Düsseldorf. - Public. The presentation and discussion will be recorded and put online. There will be private breakout rooms during and after the meetup, and onboarding and offboarding will not be part of the recording. Also, you can partake via chat messages or watch the recording after the meeting. What remains the same: - Exciting topics of science and philosophy. - Presentation/script will available before each meetup. - Available in book format. - Lots of room for QA: we’ll progress at your speed. - Coffee Breaks. - Connecting with like-minded people. - Present your own topic. - Meetup every other week. You can support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/philosophyforheroes?fan_landing=true Get a preliminary copy of the book: https://leanpub.com/doesyourbrainneedyou (90% done)

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