• Running containers on Azure, which, what and when

    Xebia Netherlands B.V.

    Containers are an indispensable way to deploy and run applications. Azure offers several services to run Docker containers. Each service with its own characteristics and do's and don'ts. The options you have in Azure are: Azure WebApp for containers, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Container Instances (ACI), Service Fabric (Mesh) and Azure Batch. During this meetup Marco Mansi will tell you everything about the different offerings and why and when you should use them. Note: This time the Meetup will be in Hilversum, the headquarters of Xpirit. Don't forget to bring you laptop with Docker installed on it, as always we will have a nice hands-on part! Agenda: Dinner: 18:00 Start: 18:45 Drinks: 21:00-ish

  • DevOps on Azure with Azure DevOps


    Let’s talk about DevOps! In this session Peter Toonen (ALM consultant / DevOps engineer @ Info Support and Microsoft MVP in the Visual Studio & Development Technologies) will take you on a tour through Azure DevOps. This new brand name for Visual Studio Team Services was introduced last year. But is it just a rename, or is there more to it? After a short overview of the service, we'll dive deeper into a feature that fits perfectly with modern engineering practices where everything is code: YAML pipelines. This enables you to define your CI/CD pipeline configuration as code, so you can manage and version it just like the rest of your code! We're also giving away some awesome Azure DevOps T-shirts and stickers courtesy of Microsoft! Agenda: Dinner: 18:00 Start: 18:45 Drinks: 21:00-ish

  • Building Awesome 8-bit Adventure Games with Microsoft Bot Framework

    The Microsoft Bot Framework helps you create intelligent bots to naturally interact with your users over various channels, such as websites, Cortana and Skype. But you can create even more interesting scenarios! Being big fans of both bots and classic 8-bit point-and-click adventure games, we wanted to see if we could build such a game using the Microsoft Bot Framework. After all, the mechanics of classic adventure games are very much like interacting with a bot. This is especially true for the earlier text-based adventure games. The result is our Game-a-Tron 4000(tm) game engine which uses various Bot Framework features in combination with an HTML5 client to recreate the look and feel of the golden-era adventure games such as Monkey Island. We will briefly show the main features of the Bot Framework and explain how we've utilised these in our game engine. Then we've got some challenges for you to extend the game in a hands-on session to make it even more awesome! You will learn about the Bot Framework and LUIS while feeling nostalgic for the good old days when games came on floppy disks and were more pixelated! Make sure to bring your laptop! These are the prerequisites for the hands-on part: - Node.js (v8.5 or greater): https://nodejs.org/ - .NET Core SDK version[masked] or higher: https://www.microsoft.com/net/download - Latest version of the Azure CLI: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cli/azure/install-azure-cli?view=azure-cli-latest - Bot Builder tools: https://aka.ms/botbuilder-tools-readme - Visual Studio Code: https://code.visualstudio.com/download Agenda: Dinner: 18:00-ish Start: 18:45-ish Drinks: 21:00-ish

  • Smack your Batch up! Everything about Azure Batch with the power of Docker

    In this session Marco Mansi will give a presentation about Azure Batch in combination with Docker: Azure Batch is a service that enables you to run batch processes on high-performance computing (HPC) clusters composed of Azure virtual machines (VMs). Batch processes are ideal for handling computationally intensive tasks that can run unattended such as photorealistic rendering and computational fluid dynamics. In combination with Docker, Azure Batch will give you the full power of the Cloud, and allows you to handle massively complex workloads.

  • Orchestrate containers with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

    It looks like everybody is talking about Kubernetes. And when they do they also talk about Pods. This evening Pascal Naber will show you why Kubernetes is so hot and what the power of Kubernetes is. We will be using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) on Azure. He will give an overview of Kubernetes and during the session you will deploy Docker containers yourselves and learn how to use Kubernetes guided by Pascal. You will not only learn what a Pod is but also learn more concepts of Kubernetes. Not only by hearing what it is, but by actually using Kubernetes. Make sure you bring your laptop. Agenda: Dinner: 18:00 Start: 18:45 Drinks: 21:00

  • Dutch Mobile & Azure Meetup Crossover

    Science Park - Startup Village

    We'll be doing an awesome crossover with our friends over at the Dutch Mobile Meetup ( https://www.meetup.com/Dutch-Mobile-NET-Developers-Group/events/246961103/ )! Expect Xamarin, Azure, hands-on practice and loads of fun! Don't forget to bring your laptop. Agenda: 18:00 Doors open & Dinner 18:40 - 19:00 Mobile: Xamarin Learn how to build an app using Xamarin 19:00 - 19:20 Azure: Business Layer The first steps in the Azure cloud to host the back-end of your app. Think about Serverless, App Services, AKS, Service Fabric. What to choose? 19:20 - 19:40 Azure: Data Layer Let's store the data of our application in Azure. Would you go for Storage, SQL and/or CosmosDB or even Azure Mobile apps? Let's debate the pros and cons. 19:40 - 21:00 Hands-on: Mobile & Azure With all our knowledge about Xamarin and Azure: Let's build a full solution! Use Xamarin.Forms, deploy to Azure App Services and store data in CosmosDB. The hosts of the evening will provide you with some bootstrap-code to get you up and running quickly. 21:00 Closing & drinks Due to the nature of this crossover, don't expect a full deep-dive into these technologies. Expect some inspiring level 200 sessions that give you a great overview to build apps with Xamarin and use the power of Azure in combination with some hands-on experience!

  • Networking Deep Dive in Azure


    In this interactive session, Jeroen Niesen (Inspark) will introduce the attendees to the world of Azure Networking. The session will start with a short introduction of the various components that make up the Azure virtual network stack. After the introduction, Jeroen will discuss network design: from a simple "single region" network to a full fledged "multi region" network with on-premises connections, while also considering network security and isolation. After the session, attendees can get their hands dirty by directly applying the presented techniques in a lab. Dinner will be served at 18:00. The actual session will start around 18:45.

  • Global Azure Bootcamp Xpirit Amsterdam


    Register not via meetup but register here: https://pages.xpirit.com/global-azure-bootcamp Challenge your Criminal Mind during our Crime Scene Tour on Azure With less than 2 months ahead we welcome you to our special thrilling edition of Global Azure Bootcamp where we go deep into the darkside. During 3 workshops you will challenge yourself to solve riddles, murders, crimes and other crime related mysteries…on Azure! Azure couldn’t get more exciting.. Here’s our schedule: Big Brother is watching you! In this challenge you’ll be building an all seeing Police artificial intelligence system powered by Azure Cognitive Services that can recognise criminals and weapons based on images or video feeds from the crime scene… By Geert van der Cruijsen An anonymous tip came in last night.. A murder is about to be committed. You will guide the agents of the State Police when and where to start their investigation, with the help of Azure Machine Learning. …. By Loek Duys Join the CSI New York team and analyze crimes using the Azure platform! We will use DataFactory to import a dataset with crimes committed in New York City and we will extract information from it, based on geospatial queries... By Marc Duiker https://pages.xpirit.com/global-azure-bootcamp

  • Global Azure Bootcamp

    Info Support Training Facility

    IMPORTANT: This is a joint meetup with the Web Scale Architecture meetup. To register for this event, RSVP at https://www.meetup.com/Webscale-Architecture-NL/events/246034126/. Welcome to Global Azure Bootcamp! All around the world user groups and communities want to learn about Azure and Cloud Computing! On April 21, 2018, all communities will come together once again in the sixth great Global Azure Bootcamp event! We will organise a one day deep dive class on Azure Containers. During this day you’ll learn how to work with containers in Azure using Kubernetes, Service Fabric and Azure Container Instances! We will prepare some challenges for you to get some hands-on experience. The result is that thousands of people get to learn about Azure and join together online under the social hashtag #GlobalAzure! You will need to bring your own laptop (or team up with a buddy).

  • Running Docker containers on Azure with ACS and ACI

    Erik St Martin and Brian Ketelsen from Microsoft are in town for the Microsoft Tech Summit and have taken some out of their schedule to tell us all about Docker containers on Azure! Here's the abstract for their talk: Containers... containers... containers. You’ve heard a lot about them, but what are they and why should you care? We’ll talk about how they can improve your development workflow and help bring your application to the cloud. Finally, we’ll show you how Azure makes it easy to take advantage of containers. After their talk we will have some deep dive whiteboard sessions and discussions about using Kubernetes and containers on Azure.