DITBio Hackathon: Digital biology and Microfluidics

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This is a open call for designers, programmers, engineers and biologist to work together on Digital Microfluidics. Please RSVP to apply and get an invitation.

In this very special weekend event the Open Wetlab and FabLab open up to hackers brave enough to take part in a hackathon to develop the technology that will revolutionize biology. Seeking an answer to the questions:

Can we program an automated lab to design biology?
How can we perform biology digitally?

Biology underwent extreme changes in the last decades, from the discovery of the DNA structure till the rise of Synthetic Biology we had chance to witness one of the most challenging and passionate knowledge races ever.

Yet we’ve just started.

Biology by itself is the most research-intensive area, nonetheless tools available to researchers are not in line with a world moving toward IT and technological integration.

Some say software eats everything. It’s devouring biology now.

By harnessing the power of digital microfluidics we are after the development of a digital platform to redifine how one can interact with biology, from programming the code of life to the design of new organisms.

For example the goal of the weekend is to hack this:


Into something like this:


And back again.

So are you ready for two days fo intensive hacking at the intersection of biology and programming?

Apply now for an invitation

When RSVP'ing for this event, please answer the questions (deadline December 6). Your applications will be assessed by the organising committee. The hackathon is invitation only, in order to make the weekend as effective as possible. We are seeking people with a basic understanding of microfluidics, electronics, programming and/or synthetic biology. You will be notified via Meetup.

Programme outline:

As part of the program we will dive together in why and how digital microfluidics is a match made in heaven for biology, build lab-on-a-chip devices with different techniques, program new tools to control them and creatively tackle new problems and solutions this tools can solve.

• Saturday 10:00 - 17:00: digital microfluidic controller design

• Sunday 10:00 - 17:00: digital microfluidic chip and protocol design

The Hackathon will end in a public event on Sunday evening.